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Can you take extra vitamins/minerals on SS?


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Not a good idea. It can be dangerous having to many vitamins. On SS you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Not 100% sure,but CD contains Folacin.
I Googled it and they do seem like they are the same thing, but as I say not 100% sure.
I know CD contains 100% RDA of vitamins and minerals, but RDA is really the very MINIMUM amount your body needs (most people think is is the maximum). Probably wouldn't be a problem to take an extra supplement. Safe maximum levels are usually many, many times the RDA but of course it would be worth checking these first, especially fat soluble vitamins. As for the water soluble ones, no problem because what your body doesn't use it gets rid of.
I recently enquired about folic acid with Head Office and was advised that if anyone was to take extra if they were TTC they should discuss it with their GP.

The RDA of the vitamins in the packs as shown is what is in there at the last day before their best before date.

In fact the vitamins etc are far more than the RDA in fresh stock to allow for shelf life deterioration.

So it may say 100% RDA Folic Acid but in reality it could be far more.

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