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Can your mind keep up?


Enjoying life!
I got up this morning, stood in front of the mirror in a pair of girly boxer shorts and had real moment, my heart started pounded and I felt almost anxious. It didn't last long but has lefting me thinking and feeling "bloody hell"

I have had to buy a couple of items of clothing in a size 16 which is amazing and I love it, was in a 20-22 and haven't been in a 16 since I was 16-17!

I started trying on alsorts of different clothes looking for something to wear tomorrow as we are out for the day with some friends in Birmingham - I don't have anything suitable which fits - which again is great!

I know that the rapid weight loss doesn't allow my emotions and my brain to keep up but it was a real moment this morning. Not in an unpleasant way it just hit me.

When you are not looking in the mirror you don't see what others see or even see it as quick - in my opinion anyway.

I am feeling so over the moon but like I could cry too, in fact I just started but not cos I am unhappy but so incredibly proud and amazed at myself.

I had a random hit of sobbing like this when I first started.

My question is, did you have those moments of realisation and how did they affect you?

Kat xx :D
<smiling even though tears are rolling down my cheeks! lol>
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Hi Kat
You have done so well and you should rightly feel proud of yourself. It is worth writing a diary of moments like these so that you look at them. It does take a long time for your brain to catch up with such a fast weight loss, and that is sometimes the problem when people reach their goal on lighterlife. You still see yourself as being the fat person in the mirror and not the "real" you.

Keep going because you are doing brilliantly.

Rosie x


Playing the Angel
Hey Kat

Great minds must think alike. I have had so many compliments over the last few days, and I "know" I have lost loads of weight, but I still cannot in any way imagine or see myself as thin!! It is really strange, I am not sure when my brain will ever catch up with my body and whats going on with it... hopefully one day. I still sadly feel like a fat person, who is having a small masquerade as a thinny for a bit!

Kat, I am 8 months maintaining - and i STILL have those moments....very very frequently.

It is not unusual for me to shed a tear or two when I am doing such things as climbing a steep hill, at a very fast pace, and still talking....or when I walk past my reflection on the street and don;t recognise it for a fraction of second,... or when a stranger returns a beaming smile, like mine, when we pass in the street (as I never looked anyone in the face really - its so wonderful to see a smile returned!).....or when I put on something in a size I cannot ever remember being in....or when my husband carries me up the stairs....the list just goes on and on.

Yousound a lot like I was - I got very very emotional. '

You mentioned clearing out your wardobe the other day....when I got to the point I could no longer where the same, familiar, comfortable outfits I had warn for years....the ones I thought deceived the eyes of others, and me....my hiding clothes...my I-want-to-dissappear-clothes.....my safety.....I cried. THey had hidden me for so long, I was both happy and scared sh*tless saying goodbye to them!! It was an extremely overwhelming moment.

LOL - hell - I could cry now just taliking about it. But all happy tears now. Every one of them - and I welcome them all and hope they never stop. As long as they are there, I am reminded just how bloody important this is, and what an amazing acheivement I had....its just great.

Sorry for gushing, but really, its cool to see others realise they are changing their lives - and just knowing you are only scratching the surface and so much more excitement awaits you.....its a journey full of discovery.

Cool, innit!! :D


Enjoying life!
Thank you for sharing that BL. It is exactly how I felt. My chap and I have just been out as I wanted to get a couple of new tops as we are going out and I haven't found anything I liked at LL.

Anyway, I tried on a total of 14 tops and some skirts and trousers all in a size 16 in different shops - just to see that different 16s would fit so I couldn't say "oh they must be big for their size" they all fit, one or two could do with a couple more lbs as a lil figure hugging on my boobs but wow - I loved it! I bought two of them and they are gorgeous!

I am resisting the temptation to buy more though, as I am looking forward to the 14s!

Feeling fab Kat xx


Guess who's back...?
It is an amazing feeling when it hits. You can't quite believe your eyes. I still have to do a double take when I see myself in my size 12 dress, rather than my 'snug' 22s! Most days I am 'used' to it, but sometimes I just stop and stare - it's very strange.

You're not alone xx


Full Member
Your post kind of got me a bit emotional, must admit! It's easy to forget just what a rollercoaster it can be when your body's changing out of all recognition and you're kind of saying goodbye to not just a whole way of being, but your entire old self.

I hadn't really stopped to take stock of my loss, really, but I had a bit of a moment recently that kind of knocked me for six. I was out for dinner with a friend and after we'd finished we went to sit down in the foyer with a drink and have a chat. There was a giant mirror over the fireplace and I was just idly studying its frame... terribly ornate and over-the-top, and I happened to glance at the glass and I saw this slim, leggy creature sitting on a sofa looking relaxed, wearing a very nice blue jacket and skinny jeans, and I quickly looked away because I didn't want her to think I was staring. Then slowly the penny dropped and it was pretty funny, because it was only when I remembered what I was wearing that I realised it was me. My old brain was still in residence and just hadn't made the connection - in fact, on seeing someone skinny it had gone into shy, insecure mode laced with more than a tinge of envy.

The strange thing is when I get up in the morning and I'm brushing my teeth, I don't see a huge difference in the mirror, but just catching myself unawares like that... it was a pretty big shock! So I think I know how you feel. It's weird and rather wonderful at the same time.

Enjoy your shopping, you've more than earned the treats - just hold back a wee bit so you can have a splurge on the even smaller sizes when you need them! Pretty soon you'll be having a good-natured moan about having to get rid of all that lovely size 16 stuff. ;)


I Can Do This!
I have had some great comments from friends, family and acquaintances, including some that I look normal now and its time to stop the diet. These do give me an understanding of how others perceive me, but after years of negative image comments and perception my head doesn't yet accept this.

When I take a long hard look in the mirror, I am pleased, but I still see a lot of areas which are still weighty and I tend to be critical rather than positive. I recognise this though and am working on it.:eek:

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