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Candy Floss , 3 syns?????

I was at the fun fair this evening with the kids and couldn't resist a mouthful of candy floss.
I am normally good at resisting but it was too much temptation.
Thought I had blown my remaining 7 syns but apparently the average candy floss is 3 syns , even though I only had a mouthful I am more than happy to count the whole 3 syns for it !!
Is this right ,seems too good to be true!!!
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I didnt believe it until I saw it on the website either! Good huh, but it does say average portion or something like that, goodness knows how much that actually is.
Yes it's a bit like how long is a piece of string lol!!
I am thinking 1 syn would probably cover my mouthful but I'll count 3 to be on the safe side either way.
If I had known it was so low I would have had a whole one,good thing the fun fair is here till the 27th ha ha ha!!
Dont quite understand how its so low as its pretty much pure sugar! But yeah, I would say one mouthful would warrent one syn, but if you have syns to spare then count it as 3 to be on the safe side.


I want to be fitter again
just found this on a web site from a candy floss machine compnay "A usual serving of candy floss on a stick from a candy floss maker is about an ounce and an ounce has about 105 calories in it." If that is the case, a typical fun fair stick would be 5 syns basing it on 1syn for 20 calories
I'm always dubious about what an average stick of candy floss is considered to be!

I know I got a tub of it at the cinema and it turned out to be about 15 syns if I used the 1 syn = 20 cals rule!

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