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Can't affort it anymore

Thats a tricky situation hun.....

If you're nearly at goal and you only need to do another 3 weeks it would seem a shame to stop now, is there anybody close to you who would consider loaning you the money untill your job changeing situation is sorted out?

If not, then perhapse while you're waiting untill you can afford it again you could try and stick to a high protein diet or the refeed plan so as not to totally knock yourself out of ketosis and ruin all your hard work.....

It's your decision hun, sorry if that wasn't much help, hope you can sort it out!:)
Thanks so much! That's what I was thinking of doing, an atkins style diet. Sadly, no loans. Tough times for everybody. But thanks for the help
try buying some slimfast shakes in the gap- along with a protein diet?


I will never give up
yeah exantes good and tastes nice too. also diet buddies sppose to be nice but havnt tried myself.
there's some free samples for the maintenance program - think its a days worth. On the main lipotrim website. Worth goin on there. And erm maybe some of your "friends" may want to try a days worth of supplies too cough x
I found some money so all is well again. I was pretty down about it. But now, all is well. Whew. Thanks for all your suggestions.

Size8rehab, you brought a huge smile to my face. Thanks!


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Have you been to your Dr as they may be able to help and make sure you tell them of Lipotrim as it is one diet that they truly do support. Oh and go to your Pharmacist to see if they could help you also

Oh as for the maintenance you get a sample full single serving of each and that would last about 4 to 6 days
Thanks Chiku. I will see. I'm definitely doing the pharmacy program. I'm still figuring the whole medical system out as I moved here from the US a while ago. It just seems so odd, ya know that maybe my pharmacy or Dr. might actually subsidize something. :D
no problemo!
Where in US ya hail from?! Gotta ask how come ya moved to our sunny island?!! If ya want a support mate give me a shout, i'm on facebook or can email me. Really not sure if i'm allowed to write email or mention the other sites so i'm sorry if i've done wrong!! [email protected]
To find me on facebook: [email protected]
welcome to da madhouse!x

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