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Cant beleive some of the diets i tried...


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Just been reading a post that made me think about all of the ridiculous fad diets i have done over the years. Maple Syrup, cabbage soup, 3 day British Heart Foundation diet, 10 day BHF diet, then there was atkins, ll, loads of diets that i concocted myself and convinced myself i could stick to!had some success but put most of it back on. I am really annoyed with myself right now even looking at the list i have just written, why didnt i just do sw, and eat healthily and in moderation and exercise more? Has anyone else tried any weird ones?

Sw by far the best, healthy eating and exercise all the way! xx
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Did you know that the diets which go under the name of the British Heart Foundation actually have nothing to do with that organisation and they are on record as saying they would never endorse them?


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S: 20st5lb C: 14st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 5st11lb(28.42%)
yeah i did find that out years later, and to be honest that frightened me. Not only because it was such a strange diet and i was worried about the effects on my health but also because it made me question the lengths i was prepared to go to lose weight! But it does make sense that the BHF wouldnt endorse the diets, they were very unhealthy! They were quite dangerous when i think about it xx


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Oh I go back decades! :D I think the worst were the apples only diet, and the grapefruit and hard boiled egg diet! The last I think was the cause of global warming!!!!


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ive never tried any of the 'weird' diets like cabbage soup,etc but i did w/w and although yes i lost weight god i was so hungry i could have willingly chewed my own arm off most days!! so glad to be doing slimmingworld! i know its healthy and sustainable for life.


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I did the cambridge diet, I know it works for lots of people, but it made me ill to the extent when I went to the toilet I was on the verge of fainting and was very scared of how ill it made me.

I was so desperate I tried for 18 months to make the plan work gaining and losing the same stone over and over again.

25 weeks on SW and 4 1/2 stone down and cant believe I didnt find this plan sooner :eek:


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ive only ever done ww or calorie counting cant believe I survived on 1000 calories a day to lose 2 stone probable about 10 years ago was awful going to bed hungry :(
ww was the same really, getting to the end of the day and knowing you have used all your points and cant have anything else!
Probably psychological because I never eat after 8pm in the eves now, not intentionally just never fancy anything, probably because I am satisfying my needs throughout the day :)
its been a slower journey but a far more enjoyable one :)


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I watched the Natalie Cassidy programme about fad diets (irony that she put most of her weight back on) and was horrified by the effect the Maple Syrup diet had on her :/ It is scary how people can market these really unhealthy choices.

As for diets like LL and CD I think after reading the forums I understand why people with a huge amount to lose go on them and it seems to work really well but with less to lose it's always nice to see people turn to SW.


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Oh my goodness, I go back donkey's years with dieting, and I've tried everything that was ever out there.

I was always a fan of WW and had followed it for years, but I am a confirmed SW dieter now.
I,ve nearly always done sw. Did ww core for a short time but couldn't have any ready meals. Back on Sw again.Probably their best advocate but naughiest user.I know what to do but keep'forgetting' to do it or find an excuse to accidentally do the wrong thing!!


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S: 20st5lb C: 14st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 5st11lb(28.42%)
Cant believe i never discovered the boiled egg and grapefruit diet! I agree with you all though, im prepared it will prob take me two years to slowly get to where i want to be, but it will be a healthy way for me to do it, glad to know im not the only one though who tried them all! xx

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