Can't believe I have just cheated..............

:( :( I just made the family a type of cream veg "Dust" soup. Made from mixed pulses, stock, carrots and parnips half cup of skimmed milk, water etc . Whizzed it a little so there was still some chunky bits. then ate some....................................:eek: . I hope it doesn't kick me out of ketosis. I have been so cold the last couple of days I think i just wanted something warm to eat. I don't like black tea/mint tea (yuch) or coffee so I've been surviving on water and fizzy water. I tried the veg water flavouring but can only stomach 1 a day.
Oh dear - tbh I wouldn't worry too much, hun. You may well get away with it this time.

Have you tried having your shakes hot? I do all the time! And you can always have your water hot with a pinch of water flavourings - that will help.

I would suggest that you drink extra water today to try to flush out the carbs.

Fingers crossed, you'll be ok.
Put it behind you... and learn from it!! Don't worry too much about it... you'll be more likely to just want to eat again to soothe the frustration! ;)

Good luck
don't worrry about it. Drink plenty of water and wash that thing right out.