cant decide


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Hi all, I have been messing about half heartedly trying to lose weight and flitting between plans for well years now, i have only ever had success with points and limited succes with cambridege could not manage longer than 5 weeks. I have ecided now that I seriousl need to shift this weight but don't know whether to do points or core what do y'all think? I did find before i would not eat fruit cause i would rather use my points for something else!! Ta
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I think you need to think about what will work best for you and what best fits your lifestyle. There are people on here doing points who love it (me included) and others who love core, it really is down to the individual. Good luck with whatever you decide xxx


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ah thanks think i will try points but make sure i eat good foods with my points


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ive personally never tried couldnt comment but i do like the points plan.

but i too suffer from the biscuit over the banana syndrome - but if your stick with in your poits and still loose weight it cant be all that bad - as long as we dont do it all the time lol

goodluck for which ever you decide!

suz x


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I've never tried core but do love points. I have to work hard to make sure I make good food choices but it also lets me have those things that help me stick to it like chocolate! It's about finding something you can stick to & that's a very personal decision. Good luck with whatever you decide


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I'm a core fan myself, for the very reason that I don't like pointing fruit and I don't get on with weighing and measuring. It does mean I've had to get my evening snacking under control though ha ha.

You can switch weekly of course, so no reason why you couldn't alternate. I often do; if I'm feeling snacky then I have a points week.


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I agree with the points above. Think about your current lifestyle and see what will fit best for you, also should consider what your weak points are when it comes to falling off the wagon and make sure you plan ways to deal with those, either by saving points or finding alternatives. I find that if I have my alternatives already arranged then i'm more likely to follow it, rather than slip and have something bad. When I was on SW and went out drinking I always made sure I had cooked sin-free sausages in the fridge, so that I could bypass the chip shop at the end of the night and then scoff on sausages when I got home instead - at the time it was the point where I normally fell off the wagon, so it kept me following the plan and having a great time.