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cant do this anymore


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i seriously dont think i can be with adam anymore:cry:. im fed up with the nagging, the moaning. i asked mum to have taylor for 2hours to get some sleep, i was asleep when he got home, and cause bedroom wasnt tidy he went off on one. I have taylor 24/7, which obv i dont mind, but he does **** all, hes bathed her once and shes 10weeks old!, he doesnt do nightfeeds, or feed her in day. :( i just feel really down, i dont want to marry him at all, i want someone who wants to be with me, not because they have nowhere else to go.

and, hes said if we brake up, hes taking everything hes brought taylor with him, so that includes her bedroom funiture, can he do this? i wasnt working when we got it. :cry::sigh:
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Do you really want to break up with him?? or are you just tired?? Being a mum all day is tiring especially if the baby is not sleeping through the night.

Would one set of grandparents have Taylor overnight one night - so you could catch up on your sleep and the two of you remember what it was you loved about each other - instead of just being parents.


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we live with my mum n dad, and they have taylor for me loads. i dont know what i want, i just know i dont feel the same anymore. Hes gone bed now. i just want to cry, i cant do it anymore


Busy busy busy!!
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Have you spoken to your mum and dad about this???

Are you sure it is not just the "baby blues"?? Don't make a decision too soon - it's harder to go back - think about things first.


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I felt exactly like you when my daughter was born and the first year was really tough!!!

We were constantly arguing about this that and the other. It is really important that you spend time together as a couple so you dont forget all about that and just become Taylor's parents. Try and get a baby sitter 1 or 2 nights a month and go to the movies or the pub or whatever.

It was rather silly of him to say that he would take the furniture away, what is he going to do with it??!! He was probably just a bit frustrated and it came out all wrong.

Just calm down and perhaps raise your concerns with him in regards to him not doing enough with Taylor. Men are funny though so be careful not too accuse him of not doing enough, just word it differently and try and make it into a positive thing :)

I'm sure you'll be fine. Hang in there....



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Awwww Kimmie.
Sorry no words of wisdom for you but I do hope it all works out okay. Don't do anything hastey that you might regret! XX
Hope things inprove soon maybe it would help if ye sat down and talked things through and made a list of the stuff that has to be done and where he can help you out. Only for my bf helping out in the early days when i had my dd i dont know what i would have done.This parenting thing is hard at the best of times.

becky xx


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Oh Kimmie, I really feel for you, its so tough having a baby, I know I found it a huge shock, even though i thought i was prepared for it, you do both need to be in this together though and you need to support each other, try to have a serious talk with him and tell him exactly how you are feeling before you do anything rash,

lots of hugs and luck xx
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hey hunny, hope you feeling ok now :) look forward to our shopping trip next week:) you can help me get my comfort shorts lol..

we will have a right giggle :)

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