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Can't get in2 right frame of mind.


Still Climbing That Hill!
C: 16st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.8
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Much as I'd love to help by giving you a good talking to, the only voice that counts is the little one from deep inside yourself.

If you listen hard enough, it's there but just being shouted down by all the loud mouth excuses coming from your demons. Tell them to shut the **** up and let your wise subconscious speak! :)


Still Climbing That Hill!
C: 16st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.8
Thanks RD i know your right i know what the answer is and i know what i have to do but doing it is the hard bit if i could just get the first couple of day's over with id be in with a running chance but i can't even get that far!!

sometimes i wonder about about myself:confused::confused::confused:
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
It's tough - and tedious - and frustrating ... I tell myself all the time "Why can't I just be normal??" Instead, every minute of every day seems to be burdened with the thought of food - what to eat, not to eat, when to eat, SSing, yadda yadda or my weight - up, down, maintaining, regaining.

BUT I know there are only three choices
1. Gain more weight
2. Stay the same
3. Make YET ANOTHER attempt at losing it.

Option 1 is no option at all; I'm seriously uncomfortable at the weight I am already. I CANNOT risk gaining more.
Option 2? No - for the above reason,
That leaves option 3 - goddamit!

I'm backed into a corner - I know if I put it off, option 1 stares me in the face.

When you're ready to bite the bullet again Petal, I just know you'll face it head on. Until that time - try hard to stick to option 2 :)


Seeking thinner peace
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Hi Petal,

You'll find your personal truth and make the connection. As Russiandoll says, the quiet voice will come through, you just need to give it a chance. I don't think anyone can say very much to get you to this point. In the meantime, love yourself.

That NLP thread sounds like thee place for tough loving.


likes to kick fats ass
hey petal, first of all take a deeeeeeeep breath, relax and realise that you CAN do this. get yourself a journal dedicated especailly to your weight loss, and write down all the things you hate about that extra weight that you have to carry round, for me i was sick of not getting any male attention, i used avoid social events even going to the pub with friends cuz i wouldnt know whatt to wear and so id go shopping for someting and end up in tears with a pair of pants stuck halfway up my thighs whilst my head was stuck in some floaty big top i was trying to hide the lumps and bumps in, but one thing i realised is i used to envy all those skinny friends i had and would complain whilst i devoured my way through some fattening thing or another that it wasnt fair that all those thin people are that way naturally til i opened up my eyes and realised that hang on, no theyre not, they have to watch what they eat too nearly every single person on this planet has to watch what they eat, its up to you to decide if your gonna do this, do this for you cuz you deserve it, or if your just gonna lay back and continue the way your going knowing that its not just unhealthy but soul destroying too. then on a new blank page write down why you want to lose the weight, health, to feel good about yourself etc. NO ONE can do this for you, you have to do it yourself, and why should you wait??? if you start now then that means today is the last day youl ever be this weight, if you start now youl never be this heavy again, by starting now your on the road to changing your life for the better.
your deciding to go on the ww route which is great cuz you can save points each week and use them to have something nice at the weekend plus on ww you can have any food your hearts desire once you just count the points, have you a friend that could go with you and ye could support eachother, go to the meeting tomorrow morning, no more excuses just do it, i know you can do it, anyone can but it just takes you to give yourself that push and tell yourself that yes your gonna do it and your gonna do it for you and no one else cuz you deserve it, your worth it...
i could ramble on all day but youd get sick of me talking so i really hope this helps hun, you just gotta forget what happened in the past and not feel bad for gaining back the weight cuz this is a new day and the start mof a new you!!!!!!xxx
go for it, dont let anything stop you!!


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Thanks classofme, that's a really helpful post :)
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Hi Petal

I posted a similar thread to yours yesterday morning - have been struggling big time to get back into this and the hunger pangs have been terrible BUTTT I know that I've still got a long way to go and its only me that can take the decision to do something about it.

My main problem time has been coming in from work in the evening when the rest of the family are eating - I've been so hungry I've been picking at their leftovers!! What I'm going to try is splitting one of my packs and having half a shake mid afternoon so that I'm not ready to eat my own arm off by the time I get in! Hoping this will make the difference and get me through these first few days and into ketosis - maybe its something you could try, little and often rather than long periods between packs.

In the meantime - if you want to buddy up so we can support/kick each other's asses when required... give me a shout.

Good luck - the support on here is great so keep posting!

Trudz xx

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