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can't manage to stick to it

Hi ppl
you would think that by doing a diet that clearly works it would make you stick to it, but no i'm really struggling i just don't seem to have any willpower.......what is everybody's secret i really need to shift the weight but i keep failing .....i mean i don't think i have managed to complete a full week i really feel like jackin it in then i read every body's success stories and think what's wrong wi you it works just follow the plan but then my head starts to get sore i constantly need to pee cause all the water and then the thing's i don't even eat start to look good it is really getting me down..........:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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I was feeling like that for first 2 weeks, I am on week 8 now and it does get easier. I do have to keep reminding me that I was the one who made myself overweight and therefore only I could get it off and I wanted a diet that showed quite instant results. Try to remember why you started the diet in first place and how hard the first week is, that in its self makes me want to stay focused rather than going through it all again further down the line. Hope this makes sense!!

If you find it difficult to stick to it, why not try SS+ or higher?
Then you get a food allowance as well as the soups/shakes.

Jenni x
If you are anything like me you've tried everything else (why would you be spending a fortune on shakes and soup otherwise!!!!!) and none of the other things worked but this really does!!!! just think of those jeans or a lovely top or how down you feel sometimes when you look in the mirror and please KEEP GOING, you'll feel rotten if you eat and after you've swallowed the food you'll wonder why you bothered!!!!!!! Good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
There's a website, seeyourselfslimmer.co.uk where you send a photo of yourself and tell them how much you want to lose.
They produce a photo of you at that weight - it's £20 but if you have the money I think it might be money well spent!
It can provide great motivation to get to goal, if you see how great you'll look at your goal weight.

Mrs B

Silver Member
Hi Rose Marie, what plan are you on? How much have you lost so far and how long have you been on CD? I'd suggest trying a higher plan for a while at least. 810 is a great way to get into this diet and I think, in general, losses are only about 2lbs a month less than SS or SS+.

This diet is difficult and it is not for everyone but we can make it easier on ourselves by not beating ourselves up for being human.

Good luck.


French Honey
It's very difficult until the weight losses start to show; then the motivation really kicks in. I have struggled with this diet and had more re-starts than I can count but I keep ploughing on and you have to too. Once you have to buy smaller clothes or someone remarks on your weight loss it helps so much, but it takes a while to get to that point. You are at the toughest part but you have to keep telling yourself that it's going to be worth it, and you will get there. If you take the scenic tour it doesn't matter because you will still get there. Some weeks are easier than others but as long as you persevere you will see the weight come off. Just hang on in there :hug99:
thanxxxxs guys
as usual you are all an inspiration i have re-re-re-re-started sooooooooooo many times i want to loose about 4/5 stone all in but as going to Cyprus in september i want to get as much off as i can so i really need to get my finger out feeling the power the now bring on tomorrow i can do this ......once again i thank you all xxxxxxx keep going all of you too xx:thankyou: :giggle:
Keep it up! I'm in the same sort of position, start each week after weigh-in determined to stick to it and not cheat at all, even moved up to SS+ when I thought SS was too challenging, but then I have a spoon of one thing here and a square of chocolate there and before you know it I'm thinking "oh well this week's wasted anyway, start again next week!" Then I come on here and read about all the people who have stuck with it and are seeing good results and commend then on what great willpower they've got while wondering why I can't seem to pull my finger out. But like everyone else here says, you've got to have that goal in your head and keep working towards it, regardless of all setbacks! Good luck!!

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