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Can't stop myself eating today.


you lookin' at me?
:sigh: Title says it all really. I can't stop eating. I am trying to keep the choices as free, or even super free but, I simply can't keep myself from eating. I did eat a bite size sausage roll too:cry:This week has been a bumpy one for me for some reason, week one and two were quite motivated, but this whole week has been tough.
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My advice is to get as busy as possible. Fill your day with plans. Make free foods in advance so they are to hand and you won't snack on fattening things.

Also, be kind to yourself. x


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I know how you feel, am the same today I just cant stop eating

am really trying to stick to free foods but have had 4 malteasers and also a pkt of cheese d'lites

am trying to keep drinking water to keep it all away lol

I hope ur doing better than me but i feel like this week I just cant stop eating feel so bloated and heavy :(


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I find i have to keep busy too or i'll just eat and eat. I have to have all my meals planned out in advance then i know what i am having, if there is no plan for a meal thats when i start finding bad stuff to have.
planning and organising i think are the key to success. Stick with it
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I hate those sort of days. I think you just have to go with it and then get straight back on track the next day.

90% of the time this is pretty easy but those 10% times can be really challenging. Write it off and re-start tomorrow.


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I usually find that for me its one of two things. Either I am bored and looking for something to do and food is an easy option, or Im craving something because my body lacks something (usually crave chocolate). If Im bored then I look for something to occupy my time, but if Im craving something like chocolate, I have some pasta or some carbs of some kind to keep me going.
Dont be too hard on yourself, we all have days like this.



you lookin' at me?
Thanks everyone.

I don't think its boredom. I tend to overeat when I am stressed or depressed and I am feeling rather low this week. I can't work out why I feel so down either which doesn't help.

Weigh in tomorrow. Will see whats happened.
I've been very honest in my food diary at least I can use that for future reference.


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Hi there Ygerna, hope you day went ok and not to badly off plan. Hathor said it all really! I hope you're feeling a bit better now. This usually happens to me when I'm due on.... and I usually don't realise that's what it is until it has passed!!

Good luck for WI and remember what ever the outcome like Hathor said "Be kind to yourself" :) xx

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