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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by bellyman, 11 September 2009 Social URL.

  1. bellyman

    bellyman Member

    Help I can't update my signature and all it is is text of weight as below

    Weight Loss
    Start 18 St 13 Ib
    Week 1 18 St 5 Ib
    Week 2 17 St 11 Ib
    Week 3 17 St 0 Ib
    Week 4 16 St 7 Ib
    Week 5 16 St 4 Ib
    Week 6 16 St 4 Ib
    Week 7 15 St 12 Ib
    Week 8

    Question why can't I have this as my signature, others have smiley faces etc, I've just got this ammount of text as mine and it says it is over 500 characters and won't let me update my signature.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. Jesi

    Jesi Silver Member

    I think you need to post certain amount of times in order to qualify for more space :D
  4. tafflass

    tafflass Silver Member

    yep.think it's 50 posts.
    you're nearly there x
  5. tafflass

    tafflass Silver Member

    ooh and well done on ya losses x
  6. Jesi

    Jesi Silver Member

    ohh yeahhh good loss :)
  7. Jesi

    Jesi Silver Member

    ohh and tuffy is my stalker :D
  8. Determined Girl

    Determined Girl Here's hoping

    Brilliant losses!! Get posting and then you'll be able to update your signature

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