Cant wait till january


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Dont want to sound like a ba humbug here but i can not wait till January, so i can go at this diet full steam... i'm so disappointed with myself when i drink etc and im taking myself out of social situations and when im trying to be good in them i end up falling at the first hurdle. I have nothing and will be planning nothing the start of next year so i can get going with CD. sorry just fancied a wee rant.. does anyone else feel like this??
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Personally I'm looking forward to Christmas but can totally sympathise with you...there will always be some occasion or another where we have to turn down "normal" food and drink but Crimbo is such a biggie isn't it? Don't worry the time will fly by and before you know it you'll be slim for next summer and then praying for the next Christmas so you can really wow everyone with your fab new figure xx

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I agree with Serena...just focus on January and you will soon see the weight dropping off!


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That is so true. I am particulary dreading going home for the holidays (in 2 weeks), my mum is the best cook in the World but I am determined to SS all through. I can't actually believe it when I say I can't wait to come back to Uni in January lol, I will even be back a week earlier just to make my life easier.:8855:


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Thanks guys. i know there will always be something or another but i just feel that christmas and new year is such a must... everyone is back home etc and you have to make the effort to go see everyone etc.. ha ha what a moan i am just tell me to shut up hahaha i am thankful for everything i have but i cant wait to get going :D