Carb my menu please

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  1. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    2 fried (in oil) eggs (medium, sunny side up)

    fried button mushrooms (three table spoons full)

    1 chicken medium chicken breast - marinated in mayo, chilli flakes, lemon juice, tandoori powder, soy sauce

    (I marinated 7 breaks together and used 1 table spoon of mayo, every thing else was 1 teaspoon each for the whole lot)


    2 seek kebabs - chicken mince, onions, chicli flakes, salt. (grilled)

    (these have been cooked in a huge bach so dont know how many onions in 2 kebabs but wont be that many)
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  3. Jim

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  4. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    i havent decided dinner yet so will probs have more vegis then.
    i didnt get any time to make anything for lunch so pulled stuff out the freezer.

    Shall i make a veg soup? if i had veg soup everyday would that cover me for veg's?
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