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Carbs and calories

I have just been wondering if anyone else has problems with using to many carb but not enough calories? I am trying to keep my calories up to my limit and my carbs down, but i am finding it hard to do! If anyone had any tips i would love to hear them!! :D
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according to MFP i go over them most days and still cant get my cals up and feel like i have eaten loads today
what if your not hungry?
the last week i have eaten maybe 1-2 meals no snacks
had some pizza bread last night its was 3.2 grams of fat had 3 little bits than was full
i dont know about calories at all
but i know im not eating heaps of fat have had hardly any lately
the last week my meals have been low fat wraps with coleslaw and salad and a tiny amount of cheese
I would be careful with MFP because I have had to edit so many items as the information is wrong
Rach make your MFP accessible to friends then if i can see what your eating will be able to help you !! I am always below my carbs :):)
go into settings and then into food and exercise diary settings....

as I said not all the info is right when you add foods so you can click on edit and then alter it :):)
will do Rach , then I can help you tinker around with your food lol :)
always remember that most veg can be eaten raw...i love raw runner beans lol :)
go into database then put in what you want when it brings it up press edit and you can do calories, carbs, fat,protein,vitamins the lot :):)

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