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carbs in sweetners???

The powdered sweetner is not allowed, only the sweetner that comes in tablet form x
OMG Jelly you nearly made me have a heart attack LOL, I to have been having them in my milkshakes, only one mind due, THANKGOD Curvy you are here, i can now allow my heart rate to return to normal LOL


Sensibly losing :)
eek! I am off to check this out... are those values per certain amount of grams etc?? I use the sweetex ones as a rule and they are tiny.. I have never liked the canderel ones as they are too big n bulkt and powdery.. maybe thats the diff?? Almost liike compressed powder?? off to investigate! xx


Sensibly losing :)
Sweetex are DEFFO trace carb/protein/cal & fat.. phew!!! I have loads of em in a day when they all add up!! Candarel is 0.06g carb per tablet and 72.5g per 100g...!! 0.3 cals in a canderel too!!
Think you should be fine :)


bye bye belly
Thanks big un, I use sweetex and started to get abit scared then :D

Cham Pers

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Donna thanj goodness ur on the ball! :) i have about 20 sweetners per day...ouch


Sensibly losing :)
me too hun!!! LOL!!!! sheesh that would take my picking to the next leveL!! LOL xx

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