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Carbs = scary?


I've got the power
While being on TFR I came to the conclusion that it was things like bread, potatoes etc that made me gain weight and keep it on.
Now I'm in the process of refeeding, I am terrified of adding in carbohydrate rich foods.
I'm on day 4 of refeed but didn't have my allowance of potato last night, and I'm scared to in case the weight starts coming back - has anyone else got these issues?

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Says it as it is!!!
Have you looked into LOW gi diet? They have fab alternatives for after refeed? and lots of veggie stuff x
You should have the carbs tho hun...it says nothing more nothing less. And even the lest carb intolerant person can have some carbs ... i have a mate who is card intolerant and she can have around 20g a day xxx You can actually get your intolerance measured ...not sure where tho but she did it


I've got the power
Thanks Nic, I have looked into low Gi, it sounds great as a lifestyle and would probably suit me to a T. I will be a good girl and have my potato tonight (but I'll blame you if I gain a stone :p).

I will look into having my carb tolerance measured, that's a brilliant idea! *toddles off to Google*


Says it as it is!!!
good girl...yes, i will take the blame if you do! but you won't hunni!!
if you don't have anylook i can ask her where she had it done xx


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Hiya skinkwitch
Im on day3 of refeed and having my potato tonight. I asked the chemist if you have to eat everything thats listed for days4-7 and she says YES you must eat everything on the list cos I thought it seemed like quite a lot ie bread of some sort, potatos, all that fish or chicken and snacks.
The oz they tell you to eat that is the 'cooked weight' isnt it?


I've got the power
I imagine it doesn't make a lot of difference with potato, as any extra weight after cooking would only be water, as you won't be frying anything. :)


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Its just I think 6oz of chicken or fish and an 8oz potato are big portions


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I'm the same hun. I had a spoonful of brown rice last night and I felt like I was eating poison!! My plate was mainly salad and chicken, but it just didn't feel right eating rice. Hubby has gone mad with me. Says the diet has seriously messed with my head....I've explained its not that, but I just don't want all my hard work to be undone. I know my plate was healthy and brown rice is fine in moderation, but I still struggled with it. I've bought grannery bread. I'm going to have a slice with a poached egg on for lunch tomorrow. Its the first time I'll have had bread for about three months!!
Try not to worry, I felt the same but I eat loads of carbs now without any trouble.

Bread!!!!!! Petrified!!!! But love it, thats my problem. Loving that dress porgeous. How long are you maintaining now??
Thanks hun, not long in the grand scheme of things about three months now.


xx Cathy xx

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I'm going to be re-feeding in about 2 weeks as its my hen night end of june and want to get used to food without gaining loads beforehand. When you introduce the potatoes can you swap them for sweet potato? I'm a bit sensitive to carbs and bloat if I have potatoes. I'm planning on doing GI when i'm fully re-feeding but sweet potatoes are low carb/gi compared to normal ones so can anyone help me out here?

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