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Caroline's refeed.

I'm on day 3 but thought I would let you all know how it's going as the refeed menus helped me before I started.

Day 1 Saturday.

Breakfast: Vanilla shake
Lunch: Chocolate shake
Dinner: tuna fish in water drained. Lettuce, tomatoes, red pepper, red onions (yum!) and cucumber. I didn't really like cucumber before but it was lovely!
Balsamic vinegar.

Day 2 Sunday.
Breakfast: Vanilla shake.
Lunch: Tuna salad ( see yesterday)
Dinner: 2 quorn sausages and salad. It was the nicest meal I have ever had!

I was scared to start eating but I am feeling a bit happier now. I'm hoping to have a couple of glasses of cava on Saturday!;)
I have tried to continue drinking water, but have also had a few cans of diet coke an a mixture of tea and coffee with skimmed milk in.

I will let you know later how my third day went. xx
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Day 3 Monday.

Breakfast: Maintenance bar (got as a free sample from lipotrim)
It was gorgeous! So much better than the shakes. I could easily eat one of these every day!
Lunch: Tuna salad! (lettuce, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, green pepper and balsamic vinegar) I just love salad now, the flavours!
Dinner: 2 quorn sausages, salad ( see above), 6oz jacket potato with fromage frais and chives. I take back what I said about yesterday being the best meal ever!
Drinks: 2 cans of diet coke. 2 litres of water and a few cups of coffee with skimmed milk.

I feel really stuffed now and I'm a little worried about putting weight on but today was lovely! xx
well done Caroline!!!! I am worried about gaining weight but done a week of refeed now and not gained anything, as long as you stick to the rules you'll be fine x
Thank you, it makes me feel better! I've wanted to start eating but now I'm doing it I'm scared! It must be your hols soon? I was going to Florida but my holiday company went bust! So, now I'm just going to Ibiza, ha ha! Have a lovely holiday. xx


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Your refeed is looking good, glad you are enjoying it and like Floridagirl says, as long as you follow the refeed you should be fine.

Welcome to food hun.
Thanks Mary! I am so happy today. Last week I did Tuesday to Saturday LT and since Saturday I have been on refeed. I hadn't made my target but got weighed today and I've lost 4 pounds!

Day 4 - Tuesday.

Breakfast: Vanilla shake.
Lunch: Wholemeal pitta bread with low cal mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion and tuna.
Dinner: 4oz cooked pasta, onions, mushrooms, prawns (not sure if allowed?) and half a jar of weight watchers pasta sauce. It was lovely! Normally I would have had about 8oz pasta but I was so full after this.
snack: small serving of pineapple. Maintenance chocolate whip dessert. It was amazing!

I feel like I have had way too much to eat today, I hope I haven't!


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Hi Caroline

What does Quorn taste like? Is there anything similar in the meat world?

Your refeed diary sounds lovely, can't wait to start.

Thanks M, quorn is just a meat substitute, but the sausages taste yummy! You would be allowed chicken breast or skinless turkey. Food is tasting so much better and I am now actually tasting it instead of stuffing it in my face! Your weight loss is fantastic, well done! You will love refeed. Get some free maintenance products before you start as I really like them. x


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I havent tried the chocolate shake from maintenance yet, I love the summer berry one though, and wasnt that fussed on the orange creme one.

Well done on your 4lb loss, thats fantastic.

I used quorn in my bolognese yesterday and it was lovely, just like real mince.
Thanks Mary, the chocolate whip dessert is like Angel delight!
I can't believe I'm on day 5, I even went to the gym today as I didn't go when on LT. I just didn't have the energy when on LT.

Day 5 Wednesday
Breakfast: Vanilla shake.
Lunch: Pitta bread with low calorie mayo, quorn chicken slices and beetroot! (Not to everyone's taste!)
Shape yoghurt.
Dinner: Wholewheat pasta, onions, mushrooms, prawns and weight watchers pasta sauce.
A banana.

I may have an apple later! x


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I'm with you on the Quorn Caroline - love the bramley apple sausages and only about 57 cals, fantastic.
Good to see refeed is going well for you x
Thanks Danielle, I have been reading your refeed too and you are doing so well! x


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I love beetroot, one of my favourites, adds great colour to your plate. I am really into red and green peppers too.
I love red peppers too Mary and beetroot is gorgeous!

Day 6 Thursday.

Breakfast: Vanilla shake.
Lunch: 2 slices wholemeal bread with tuna, lettuce, red onions and tomatoes. Balsamic vinegar.
Dinner: 4oz cooked wholewheat pasta. Mushrooms, onions, tuna. Low fat pasta sauce.
Snacks: Shape yoghurt, apple, Baby banana.
Drinks: Diet coke, water, coffee with skimmed milk. I might even have a couple of naughty vodkas with diet coke tonight. I hope this is ok, I'm fairly sure I'm out of Ketosis. No longer suffer from death breath or a furry tongue, lovely! xx


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You will definitely be out of ketosis, but just be careful if you are having alcohol, you will be affected way much quicker than previously.
Thanks Mary, I will probably just have one then! xx
Well, I had 2 vodkas last night, not pub measures, Caroline measures! I should have listened to Mary (sorry!) as I felt like death this morning! The moral of the story is not to drink when on refeed! xx
LOL, it was awful. I still don't feel 100% now and I used to be the vodka queen! xx


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I still tend to get drunk much quicker than previously, I think its the lack of fat to soak it up now, I feel like a weakling.

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