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Carol's 'Everything' Journal

S: 17st10lb C: 17st5lb G: 15st6lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st5lb(2.02%)
I began my minimins journey over in the xenical forums, but have decided not to continue with the tablets, so decided to make a new diary here, it's more general this way. For future reference: http://www.minimins.com/xenical-diaries/159737-take-blue-pill-story-begins.html

Right, well the aim for this next effort is to write down my food, exercise, my thoughts and feelings for the day and also I've decided to set myself fortnightly goals. For the next two weeks I've decided to challenge myself to drinking 2 litres of water a day, because I never drink enough. Not sure how to work it out, like not getting another goal until I do 2 weeks of the goal completed or just move on regardless. Probably best to conquer one thing at a time.
So, anyway, here goes!

Sunday 3rd of October 2010

Weigh In: 16 Stone 9 lbs

Breakfast: None
Lunch: Possibly 2 cups of Vegetarian Chilli con Carne
Tea: Maybe 3 Cups Vegetarian Chilli with White Long Grain Rice
Snack: 1 Handful of Pretzels, 1 Handful of Salted Roasted Peanuts and 1 Small Glass of Rose Wine

Vegetarian Chilli: Quorn Mince, Onions, Carrots, Garden Peas, Kidney Beans, Sweetcorn, Baked Beans (in sauce), Canned Tomatoes (in sauce) cooked with Colmans Chilli Con Carne Sachet, Chilli Powder, Worchestershire Sauce, Tomato Ketchup, Soy Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce.

Exercise: 1 hr. Dog Walk and 20 Min. Dance Mat Game

Thoughts and Feelings: I've been feeling unwell for the past couple of days and off work so haven't had much of an appetite in the morning before my painkillers kick in, preferring to just stay in bed. Back to the routine tomorrow though, I'll have to force something down me in the mornings, keep me going, back to work afterall. Decided to start doing some exercise in the morning, to get me started, wake me up. Fingers crossed it goes okay.

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S: 17st10lb C: 17st5lb G: 15st6lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st5lb(2.02%)
Monday 4th October 2010

Breakfast: Shape Delight White Choc Yogurt
Lunch: 1 Small Pack of Tesco Salmon and Veg Sushi with a Medium Apple
Tea: Takeaway Battered Cod, Light Choices Baked Beans and Weight Watchers Oven Chips
Snack: 5 Strawberries
Drink: 2 x 500ml Bottle of Weak Orange Squash, 1 Small Glass of Light Choices Apple Juice and 1 Mug of Red Bush Tea with a dash of Skimmed Milk.

Exercise: 10 Mins Rosemary Conley's 7 Day Workout, 6 Min. Shakeweight Workout, 20 Min. Dog Walk and 20 Min. Davina - Power of 3

Thoughts and Feelings: Goal of 2 litres wasn't quite completed today, unfortunately. I really did try, took a bottle everywhere but wasn't quite enough. I planned to have just the fish and throw away the batter when my mum brought back fish and chips for tea... but I wasn't quite strong enough. I did say no to the shop-bought chips though... and added beans. All good things, I guess. Shopping got delivered today, so have some snacks to munch on. Yay.

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S: 13st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 1st0lb(7.33%)
Heya, I am like you with the water...I tried having 2 litres of water but I usually have 1L, I usually have my water with my breakfast, lunch and when I exercise and that takes up 1l. Which to me is a good amount because before I would have zero amount of water unless if I had a headache or something and I drank it with a piankiller.

Also I was thinking that in the future of getting the davina power of 3 dvd, is it good? Cos i got her super body one and that's amazing but later on when I need a change I was thinking I might get that one but im not sure...

Ur doing great.....Keep it up :)
S: 17st10lb C: 17st5lb G: 15st6lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st5lb(2.02%)
Hope123: Sorry I haven't written back before now, I haven't been on minimins, updated or anything. Thank you for the advice on water, I think it may just be the best way, to have it with meals and while exercising. I have both the superbody workout and the power of 3, I find the former a bit too difficult with my fitness level but the power of 3 is perfect, I like how it shows different levels and is broken into sections. Hope this helped.

Well, I didn't do great in October, it was a month of going a bit loopy with food... and didn't exercise regularly at all. For the record doing that, I didn't feel good and my complexion has suffered. So, the first of November, a new start for my weight loss. Yay! Here we go with today's menu:

Monday 1st November 2010

Breakfast: Oats So Simple Sachet with Semi-Skimmed Milk
Lunch: 1 Apple, 1 Iceburg Lettuce Leaf and 2 Slices of Turkey Ham with a dash of Extra Light Salad Cream
Tea: 1 Chicken Breast Fillet, 3 Rashers of Bacon and a Can of Baked Beans with BBQ Sauce
Supper: 6 Slices of Cheese
Snacks: 2 Walnuts
Drink: 1 Mug of Coffee with Skimmed Milk, 4 Calypso Water Cups, 1 Glass of Semi-Skimmed Milk, 1 Glass of Mixed Fruit Cider and 2 Large Glasses of Orange Squash.

Exercise: 20 Min. Walk

Thoughts and Feelings: Well, I didn't mean to have any snacks I wasn't aware I was even eating, the walnuts weren't the worst thing, but still could have done without them. I stopped before I was really full, just satisfied, today hasn't been too hard. Not sure if I'm looking forward to tomorrow, lots of fruit planned.

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