:) Hi Everybody, I started CD on Tuesday of this week and although i really missed food at first i can't believe how quickly i seem to have gotten into a routine....i feel good, and am looking forward to my weigh on Monday. I wanted to ask though what is the recommended amount of excercise, because before i strated CD i used to go the gym quite often, but my CDC told me not to overdo it for the first week! Any suggestions?

  • Nice to meet you all anyway! Will let you all know how i get on with my weigh in;)
Hi - I started Tuesday too .. looking forward to Monday's weigh in!
Feeling great!
My CDC told me to hold off doing any exercise whilst on VLCD as I'm not getting enough calories in the first stage!
Just as well really cos I hate exercise unless its a walk in the park or ice skating or something fun where I don't know I'm actually exercising lol!
Enjoy your weekend and let me know how you get on Monday! :)