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Carrot and Beetroot Juice

:sad0071:Can anyone tell me how many points in a home made carrot and beetroot Juice please?

I hear all the different comments about it. At the same time that if you eat them raw they should be 0 points, from the moment you put them on the juicer they are not 0 points anymore.

Also once I make the juice, I collect all the pulp and then I cook it with a drizzle of olive oil and some garlic and it becomes a lovely side dish specially with com qorn fillets. The only problem is that I dont know how to point it?

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only thing you need to point is your olive oil which is 1pt per teaspoon x
Thanks Blackwidow.

But apparently someone told me that I would need to point the juice as well?!?
I was told that if you eat the carrots and Beetroot on their own they are 0 points as you spend calories digesting them and the calories you spend digesting it cancels the calories they have and this is why they are 0 points.
But once you make them as juice you have to point.. but no one is able to tell much how many points.... :-(
b*llocks to that i say :p if a beetroot is free, its free. Same with a carrot - as long as you're not drinking litres and litres of the stuff, i cant see an issue myself.. if you want to be safe then just count it as 0.5pt or something, but i would still count it as free - i make carrot and ginger soup and i blend that.. but i still count that as zero and its never made an ounce of difference :) x
Typa, I think you might be getting confused with Slimming World. Their "free" food becomes "synned" if you blend or juice it. In WW that's not the case as far as I am aware so blackwidow is correct that you only need to point the olive oil.

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