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carrying over calories


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With carrying over... What I do, when I'm on track, is if I know I have a high cal day one day then I may compensate for this on the day before and after with food and exercise.

So I don't carry over as such, but just make sure I'm compensating when I can.

With exercise: I haven't been eating my calorie back but if I have a high cal day then I don't mind eating them - in my mind, they are there as an extra weight loss for
Me, but if I want a treat then I know I've earnt it and don't mind using some!


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I'm pretty much the same as sarah with that one!
I'm maintaining now but I still calorie count, just not to lose anymore.

I still do the same things now as I did when losing but with more calories.

I eat under my calorie goal 6 days a week so I can eat over on a Friday or Saturday night. I go out for a meal or get a takeaway and eat whatever I like and know because I have eaten under calories the rest of the week it will even out.

I work on a weekly calorie goal and it seems to work, I haven't gained any weight this way so will carry on.

Some people say calories are only on a 24 hour timescale or something so they never go over but I see it if I eat under 6 days a week I will lose a bit of extra weight (on top of normal loss) and then if I eat those spare calories back I will gain that extra back but overall I will lose the same amount of weight than if I ate the same every day. It's difficult to explain but in my head it makes sense he he.

It's called calorie cycling if you want to look in to it. I only do it on 1 day of the week though. Some people eat under 2 days, over 2 days and on target 3 days.