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Cathy back from BBQ


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Hello all, well I managed to avoid anyone spotting that I wasn't eating!! :party0049:
I drank one and a half litres of fizzy water (with a lemon slice hanging off the rim of the glass, so it wouldn't "contaminate" the water)
I actually accepted a Thorntons Continental chocolate, and palmed it to my Husband! God, how many souls do you think I got out of Purgatory for THAT!?
The worst bit was having to sit next to a bowl of Garlic Butterfy King Prawns, the smell drove me nuts :drool::drool:
One friend said I had lost weight, but no-one else commented (to be fair, they never say when I've gained either)
I'm happy, thanks for all your encouragement. xxxx
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Well done you deserve a medal for that it must have been so hard again congrats ( god Im picturing those prawns mmmm
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oh well done you! i almost drooled reading about the garlic! u should be very proud of urself.. and im sure u look fantastic xx
I hate prawns but hey they sound nice :) .. well done that sure is a victory


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I had no doubts, I knew you could do it. Go girlfriend xx :D


Always welcome new m8's!
Wow thats amazing!

Nah i cant do that, not yet anyway!

Congrats on managing!:D
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well done for the cheeky accepting of cake and giving it to ya spouse! nice one, I must remember that tactic!
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well done I know exactly how hard it is having been invited to a last min BBQ the host knew of my LT journey but other guests kept passing me food which was secretly passed to the dog who is now my best buddy.
well done just shows how easy this diet is


Gonna be slim again
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Thats fantastic Cath, im sure the war office in london could take a few tips from you girls on how to plan strategic movements:D
I have a few events coming up myself and i am cacking myself at how im gonna manage it, as i dont want to admit im on LT (i dont know why):cry: I dont know why people adore prawns so much they are yuk! I could tell you some stories from the sea that would put you off ALL seafood...(clue)...:massmoon::sign0137:


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Thats just FANTASTIC hun
Well done, you must be so proud of yourself


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You star you, i think sometimes people wont comment on lost weight as it can be taken as a back handed slap, as in you were fat before, so I don't mind when people don't say anything! :D
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well done! if you can get thro that, you can get thro anything! if you ever feel like you wanna cheat, think back to your bbq and how much willpower you had, and you wont want to!
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Prawns mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done Cathy! It is quite easy isn't it! I used my children as my dustbin so no-one knew I wasn't eating! They loved the subterfuge, my son would walk past and whip a piece of chicken off my plate in the blink of an eye - should I be worried? Lol!

Good luck for all in similar situations, with the help of OH, children and dogs it's a piece of cake - or sausage!



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Thanks everyone, I feel good today after that!
I tried on a pair of lovely pale sand coloured linen pants (wide leg with a turn-up) that I've had for ages earlier.
I was hoping to wear them on my hol on 13th Sept. and they now fit :clap:
That's a reward that we all love isn't it? when something fits again. :bliss:
Thanks for all your good wishes. xx

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