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Caz's Chaos

I weighed in at 80 kilos yesterday.

I have lived too long with the words, hope to, try to, need to and want to. Time to change.

I have sat down and thought about this. Do I want this or not? What am I prepared to do to get there? Will it be painful? Will I ever be good enough? What if I fail? Will people look at me as the fat girl on the treadmill? The list goes on. I am sure we have all questioned ourselves over every aspect of our own journeys.

Yes it is going to be painful. Yes I am good enough. I will NOT fail. If people laugh at me on that treadmill, maybe just maybe there will be one person who sees me and will be inspired to get on one too.

I have basically said enough of the BS. It is now time to get serious. If you want something bad enough you crave it, it almost consumes you. I am finally doing what I have not had the guts to do in a long time. I am prepared to go out and face the world and challenge it. I refuse to let this goal slide this time. I have set a goal to be 60 kilos by my 40th Birthday. I will walk that extra 10 mins to get there each day. When I think I can no longer run that last 30 seconds, I will push out 60 seconds. Every second, step and day is closer to my goal and that goal will be reached.

Success is everywhere and we all have a chance at the bite of the apple. We all can do this. Each day try and look in the mirror and tell yourself you are closer than yesterday to your goal and believe it. Nothing can come between yourself and your own success. Only you. Like me, those who are also on this journey have the balls to get up and do this. Sure we have our own goals but it takes pure guts to get up and keep going. If we fail, we get back up and continue on. This is what takes guts, this is what success is. This is what I plan to be all about. :D
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Anything But Ordinary
Hey Caz,

The hardest part is deciding to make the change, so the hardest part is out of the way. It feels like it's going to be a real slog, but with a support network (yo!) you'll do great.

No one will laugh at you, because everyone at that gym is there for the same reason as you; to change how they look for the better. That skinny minx pounding away could once have been 150kgs, everyone has their story.

You are so worth this, and you'll do great!

So Far So Good

My mind frame today is amazing! I got up and was greeted by my family for Mother's Day. Received my favourite perfume! I am so lucky! :bananalove:

I have eaten well today so far. I have gone on a walk, did 5kms in 50 minutes. Still a long way to go to get down to 40 mins but for now I am happy. I am determined to stay on track for the rest of day, I can so do this! :party0049:

PS Thanks Bronski for the encouragement and support!
Day 1 Went Well!

:girlpower: I did really well today! I got in a game of Netball tonight and my daily intake was well within my daily limits. I must drink more water! Hubby keeps reminding me but I just cannot get it down :copon: I need to find a new way to keep the water intake good. I did get at least 2 glasses down.

Food intake for the day was
Breakfast - a scrambled egg on toast, with a banana and coffee
Lunch - 2 Salada crackers with low fat ham and lettuce. Another banana ( out of damn fruit, must get more )
Dinner- Roasted chicken and salad.

So all in all a great day!!!


Anything But Ordinary
Awesome job on a great couple of days! Not played netball for years, bet it was wicked-fun!

With the fluid, try some sugar free cordial, there's so few kcals (about 4kcals in a serving) that it makes little difference. Herbal teas are also good, but just watch regular teas, they don't have the same benifits.

When do you drink? Just in the day or do you have a drink with meals? Having a big glass (and I mean a *big* glass; I have a half litre glass) full of water at mealtimes helps to get it down. That's wicked that your hubby's so supportive too :)

Day 2

Today has been a crappy day for me. I had to go and have a scan done for cancer of the ovaries and the guy that took the scan seemed really concerned. Practically begged me to make an appointment to get the results at the Docs asap. So this left me worried and crying much of the afternoon. I am an emotional eater and I really wanted to come home and comfort myself into oblivion!!! But I didn't. I am trying to stay really positive. So please keep me in your thoughts and fingers crossed that everything is ok. :)

Other than that the past 2 days has gone really well. I have stuck to my mini goals which is bloody amazing!

Tonight I began week 2 of Couch to 5k. I did so well last week, just shocking on the food part. So glad to see my fitness has not totally dropped off over the past few months. I had about 3 months of doing nothing.

Food intake for today.

Scrambled egg on toast, no marg! ( have a thing for eggs at the moment )
Frtiz sandwich and a banana and a coffee ( finally bought more fruit today, I am going to be crapping bananas left right and centre.lol )
Half a wholemeal muffin with cottage cheese and sliced peaches
1 small freddo frog ( damn that chocolate )
Beef Snitchzel and veges with a can of zero.
Calorie intake is about 1100

Water, once again a bit to be desired but I did drink about 1.6 litres before the scan. That is more than I usually drink in a month! lol

Bron - great idea!!! I will give that a go tomorrow. I usually only drink through the day. I should with meals though it might help quell the hunger a little. My hubby rocks my world!! He is my second husband and one I intend to keep. He is my rock and my best friend. I was more than lucky to meet that man, I was blessed! Hope your doing well!;)



Gold Member
hiya caz sorry you have had a crappy day try to keep smiling hunny no point panicking till you have been to the doctors, ill keep everything crossed for you ( gonna try crossing my lips keep the food from going in) , i like you struggle to drink water so i cheat and add no added sugar squash( cordial, diluted juice) what ever you want to call it and i drink loads of the stuff all day seem to have a glass on the go all the time or a bottle if im out and about,, good luck with everything xxxxx
Thanks Kazzy

Hey Kazzy! Thanks for stopping by and sending good wishes, I truly appreciate it! Will know the results on Wednesday so will try and stay calm until then.

I must look into this diet cordial stuff. I am not a cordial drinker and always thought it would taste just like water anyway but at the moment, anything to get me drinking is a good thing. Since I have started jogging again I know I need that extra fluid so I am going to try and make it 2 litres tomorrow. Thanks again for the encouragement and support! ;)


Gold Member
i wasnt a cordial drinker either to be honest for years i had to drink fizzy drinks of any variety but i have now got into the way of drinking the cordial and when i have a fizzy drink i often end up with a headache now strange how our bodies and tastes change


Anything But Ordinary
Oh caz, I'm definitely keeping you in my thoughts, babe. Let us know how the results turn out, yea? I'm sure you'll be fine, just stay positive. We'll be staying positive for you too.

No added sugar cordial rocks, definitely pick up a little bottle. My fav was always lemon :) I just like straight water now, always available and I never forget to buy it in!

Day 3

Oh man I was bad today. (gasp, like that is a rare thing you know) I was stressing out and hit the comfort foods. It got the better of me and I reached, no make that pounced on that choc chip muffin! Oh man it was good. It was a melt in the mouth obscenity, but beautifully obscene all the same!

So it got to me and I called the Doc's office to make an appointment to get the results, it was either that or go and mug Donut King. I think the receptionist could hear my desperation on the line and agreed to squeeze me in. So glad she did. All came back well! :gimi:
I did get to catch up with Maz and that was awesome, since I have started studying I rarely get to see her. I truly miss my old friends at times.

Only a light walk tonight of about 15 mins as I have Day 2 of the Couch to 5k tomorrow night.

Food Intake
Breakfast - Wholemeal muffin with cottage cheese. sliced banana and a coffee
Lunch - Wholemeal muffin with ham and cucumber, another coffee
Dinner - 2 eggs on toast and a huge glass of water. What is it with the damn eggs! I crave them all of a sudden.
Snacks - 1 choc chip muffin and a chocolate frog. (this was my downfall and comfort foods and man it was good!!)

My calorie intake was about 1300, not to bad but there is no variety or real healthy foods here. Just a lazy and down day but man can we say whoa on the carbs for the day!!

I did manage to get more water in today but all in all I am not really happy about the food intake today. Another day tomorrow and I am sure it will be better. It's all about the baby steps with a boot up the arse to follow!

Thanks for the Kazzy and Bron for the good thoughts!!! I am so stoked it all came back well!! So cheering here!


Anything But Ordinary
Oh fantastic!! I'm so glad that the results came back OK! What a relief, I'm so happy for you!

Don't fret about the muffin. In fact, even though you've said it's been a not so good day, you've still done amazing, don't let that muffin and that chocolate frog let you think otherwise! Without them, you would probably have been way too low on the calorie intake.

And so long as you enjoyed them, that's the important thing ;)

Keep going, hun!



Gold Member
That is absolutely fantastic news that all is well brilliant:D:D

and you aint done so bad on the old diet front worry and stress always makes you eat and well done for not ram raiding donut king lol
Day 4

As I sit here and type this my:kitty:is numb! (snorts - not sure how else to say it) That is what happens when you try and do pilates with only your pelvic muscles!! While doing pelvic thrusts someone forgot to mention to use the upper thighs to as resistance!

Onto better things. My diet kicked butt today, I am not going to write everything down, I need to get some blood flow back below so will make this short and sweet. I did stick to 1200 calories, I did manage an hour walk, decided against the run tonight due to no circulation in the pelvic area but I will do it tomorrow on the specified day off. I am cheering as I have lost weight. !!!!

Look!! Look!!!

I am officially off 80 kilos. The scales are now at 78.3! :bliss:
Just ignore the flash and that special blue polish courtesy of my daughter and yeah those tan lines from my scuffs! My feet look horrible actually! Anorexic looking even! WHO CARES!! I lost weight!! WOOHOOOO!

Thanks Bron and Kazzy for the comments! I am so stoked, even today that it all went well yesterday!


Anything But Ordinary
Ahahaha!! That's ace, taking a pic of the scales!

But YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Welcome to the 70s!! :bunnydance: Absolutely wicked, babe, well done!

Sounds like another awesome day! Just bare in mind that if you're going to do a lot of exercise, 1200 kcals may not be enough to get your body through a day with pilates, walking and a run.

Don't forget to change your ticker too!



Gold Member
Woooohoooo well done on getting into the 70`s fantastic is always the little changes that make you feel the best

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