CD 790/1000/1200 cal challenge.......4 weeks starting 6th November


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I'm starting in the morning (1000 cal) after a few weeks of eating more than I should......anyone else doing CD 790/1000/1200 cal who fancies joining me for 4 weeks?

Kam x
Oooh! Me please :)

I'm on 790 - would like to try and get at least 10lbs off.

Struggling a bit with baggy clothes, but not having gone down a size yet, thank god for belts! ;)

Kitty xxx
Thanks Kitty and good luck.
I'm starting tomorrow need to lose 56lbs! But I think 10lbs in 4 weeks is a good goal to set. So me and you 10lbs off and one clothes size down. I've got a pair of size 18 jeans....more like a 17! that I'd really like to be in by December.
Good luck keep me posted on how your doing.
Kam x
Great stuff - good luck both.
I really need to get down to a size 22 before Christmas eve. I'm going to Lapland and need to fit into the warm suit they provide!! :eek:

I'm still wearing a loose size 26 at the moment, despite a 2stone loss, because the 24 was too tight on my stomach, so I'm hoping with a couple of pounds more I should start moving down the sizes.

Eeeeeeek, I've just realised I've forgotten all of my packs for work!, Will be glugging lots of peppermint tea today and patting myself on the back for putting 1 spare in my handbag at the beginning of this diet when I was paranoid about doing just this!!!
Morning Kitty & Jack,

Well done Kitty for remembering that pack in your bag! Jack your more than welcome to join us.

WOW Kitty Lapland! Its meant to be amazing and very cold! You'll easily get into that suit by then maybe even a smaller one!

Talking of smaller I really need a new winter coat! My one from last year is a 26/28! and I'm now in a 18/20. I wore it last night when my parents were over for fireworks and it look ridiculous (sp). However I do have a size 20 from Next that I've been hoping to wear since I got it in the sales some 3 years ago! Which fits but is short I need a long one for the really cold weather.....Oh I love shopping for smaller clothes! We'll all be doing that in the January sales this year!:D

So here I go my first day back on 1000 cals and doing it to the book this time no added extras....the scales are showing a gain not a huge one but one I will shift this week!

Have a good day you two. Talk later.

Kam xx
Well still have a couple of stone at least to go...I started on Aug 23rd and was a size 22/24 and I am now a 16/18 so quite pleased with how things are going. Would love to be a size 14 by Christmas...and also it's my birthday on Dec 23rd so would like to be able to have a nice meal (healthy of course!) on that day.
Kitty and Kam you both seem to be doing really well and good luck...we can do this together:)

Helen (jack29)
Hi, hope you all dont mind if i jump on this with you ;) i restarted today on the 790 plan but plan to be ssing by end of week just want to make sure im in ketosis before ssing so as i dont get too hungry and end up scoffing everthing but the kitchen sink :eek:
Tracie welcome on board...
So everyone hows it going? Had my weigh in last night :eek: not good 9lbs on. But thats behind me as I'm going as yesterday was my day one! So must adjust my ticker to show what I need to lose to my goal.
Finding the water hard to get down today only had 1/2 litre so far so going to warm some up and get some more down before I go out walking later.
Two shakes down though really gone mad on Fruits of the forest! and just had my 'lunch' shake yummy warm hot choc.
Looking forward to my courgette slices cooked on George Forman topped with mushrooms and chicken breast! with a few fresh herbs added for extra flavour...yum yum.
Kam x

Hi Kam, KityB and Tracie,

Not much to report so far...I have my weigh in on Thursday at mid-day.Will be interested to see how it goes as I will have been on the 790 plan for 10 days. On a good note 2 people I have not seen for a while both commented on my weight loss today:) Got the in-laws arriving on Friday who I have not seen since June when i weighed almost 17 and a half stone...they don't even know I have been on the diet;)
My meals today were a banana tetra for breakfast (i hate all the shakes!), tomato soup for lunch (the only soup I really like)then I had prawn salad for dinner and have a bar for later. I don't have a problem with the water...I have plain water all day then fizzy with flavouring in the evening. Never going back to diet coke as I was addicted to it:eek:
Will update with any weight loss on Thursday...good luck to you all

Helen (jack29)
Hi Kami et al

Do you mind if I join you. I am trying to work my way down the plans and lose my last stone, I keep stalling and struggling a bit I am finding it harder to focus than on sole source which was easy peasy. As I have a holiday on the third week I'd like my weight to be in the 10's at the end of this challenge. I am currently 11/6 so 7 pounds would do it!

I am hoping that if I post each day what I eat I will stay truer to the plan. May be dull to read though!

Good Luck all

Dizzy x
Hi Kam and challengers... I'd love to join this too if possible???.. I'm currently into my 5th dy of SSing after Bootcamp:eek:but know I can't sustain it for more than a couple more days as my BMI is under 25. I just wanted a kick start to get me into the stabilisation steps. I still have 1 to 1 and a half stones to lose so I'll be moving up to CD1000 over the next few weeks. I'd love to lose around half a stone over the next 4 weeks.. I currently weigh 11.12.

love xxxxx:)
Hiya all :)
Just eaten what seems to be my staple diet of Chicken and Sprouts! :eek: :eek:

Feeling really really tired still today, I'm already looking forward to getting a lie in on the weekend!

I've lost 2lbs this week (must remember more water this week!) so 8 to go :)

Hope you're all doing ok today :)

Kitty xxx
I'm doing LL Management but ...

wondered if I may join you?

I have four weeks until my Christmas party and I am on week two of LL Management. I would like to lose at least four pounds but definately not put anything on as my dress won't fit if I do!

I would really like to join you all if I may as I think I will be stepping up the calories pretty much as you guys are.
Hiya Dizzy, Flopster and Mandy,


Kam x

So how's everyone doing today? Any recipes? please post as I'm already fed up with chicken, courgette & mushroom surprise!....the surprise being the added chilli! that you can't taste in every mouthful! but when you do SURPRISE!! Oh Kitty sprouts! how many do you have? must get some love sprouts!
Popped into CDC's to swap over some tetras for packs and popped on the scales not going to get really excited but I'd gone down 5lbs! since be honest I needed to check my weight for the boost! Which worked as took DD to McDonalds after playgroup and sat and ate a bar! Not a chip passed my mouth :D.

Later all...

Kam x
Welcome everyone :)

Well done Kam on the loss and surviving the trip to McDonalds!!!!
I have 9 sprouts if they are a fair size!! lol
I went and got mushrooms to make your Chicken, Mushroom and Courgette surprise.
Only mines gonna be a chicken and mushroom surprise as I forgot I didn't have any courgettes in the house! muppet ;)

Got my little (He's 27 and 6ft 1!!!) brother coming over for tea, so cooking carbonara for him and my BF. How come the pair of them can eat what ever they want and lose weight, where as I can put on weight just by looking at food?!

Working at home tomorrow and friday, this could be a challenge for me, will see how it goes.

How are you all doing today? Hope you've all had good days :)

Kitty xxx
Hi Kam and Kitty and fellow challengers

I am really very very sorry I have had an appauling day and really let you all and myself down. I ate more than I can even remember before I even thought about the challenge and having to post my intake for the day. I think it is more firmly in my mind now I will post tomorrow so I better make sure I'm good.

I am so sorry I really wanted to be able to motivate you all. I am one of the little girls with the curl in the centre of my forehead! When I am good I am very very good and when I am bad I am horrid!!

Promise to be good tomorrow and work on my mindset immediately.

Well done Kam for the great loss and day you have had and well done to you all for getting a little bit closer to your goals today.

Dizzy x
Hi everyone, I'm having a pretty good day today,3 packs, half a pint of skimmed milk for my coffee and 100g of 99% fat free quark (I'm adding these for the extra protien)... I'll be moving into 790 on Friday.

Kam.. excellent loss hun, and well done on getting through McD's!!!!! unscathed:eek::);)

Kitty.... good luck with working from home tomorrow... I do it most days and I must admit it's not the easiest thing in the world to do!!!!!.. hope you have a lovely evening with your not so little :eek::eek: brother:)

Dizzy.. keep at it hun.. it's so hard at this stage:(.. it's such a sharp learning curve once food gets back into the equation:eek:... don't worry about one bad day.. we all have em'..:eek: it's the putting them behind us and picking ourselves up and getting on with it that counts!!! In the grand scheme of things one little slip is nothing.. we will get there in the longrun... of that I am sure!!:):D:)

love xxxxxxxx:)
Hey Dizzy.....get back on board.....your little slip is in the past!
Mandy.....go girl!
Kitty.....keep up the good work! LOL at you not having courgettes!
Hows everyone else doing?
Kam x
Hi everyone
Hope you're all well and enjoying the challenge. After some thought, I'm considering coming over to the 'munchie' side and knock SS on the head.

As most of you know, I had a 2 week break where I went mad on the food front (hols, no control and didn't care etc) then went back onto SS a week ago. I lost 11lb in my first week (yayyy!) but this week I'm seriously struggling.

I'm getting very, very bored with SS and starting to get resentful. I want food goddamit!! :)

With 2st 12lb to go to get to my 10st goal I'm considering stepping up to the 1000 plan. I know it'll bring my weight loss down to around half a stone a month but that means I'd still be at goal before my year CD anniversary on March 24th.

What do you reckon? There's a lot to be said for biting the bullet and getting this over and done with in 3 months on SS but being able to have a meal each day would only extend that journey by 2 months ... and when you've been overweight for over 20 years like I have, 2 months isn't really a very long time!

...... and it would save me a tenner a week!

Opinions gratefully received :)