CD and constipation!!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by westiedog, 20 May 2009 Social URL.

  1. westiedog

    westiedog Full Member

    On CD ss at minute and having a little difficulty re toilet habits. Have tried Senokot extra, sillium husks and Dulcolax and still nothing any advice please? :cry:
    Also forgot to mention drinking 4 pints of water per day at least and also about 3 cups of black coffee with tablet sweetener per day.:jelous:
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  3. donna72

    donna72 Member


    I always use Dulcolax they are powerful little things!!! My goodness if they don't work for you I guess the only thing left is a suppository, I believe these work!!!;)

    Good Luck Donna
  4. westiedog

    westiedog Full Member

    CD and constipation

    Thanks for the advice think it may be a trip to the doctors for some industial strength ones! :)
  5. hels123smiles

    hels123smiles Silver Member

    You can buy Microlax enemas over the counter, about 87p each or something.
  6. westiedog

    westiedog Full Member

    Thanks will give it ago. :p
  7. hels123smiles

    hels123smiles Silver Member

    Dont go far from the toilet though lol!
  8. EllieMellie

    EllieMellie Silver Member

    It should be closer to 8 pints of water hon - 4 pints is only around 2 litres..that might help!x
  9. Witchy

    Witchy ButtERfly

    Did you buy the fibre stuff from your CDC, its in a little tub and you put it in your shake to help things along too.
  10. westiedog

    westiedog Full Member

    Panic over

    :D Did 2 hours on the wii fit freestyle step (11770 steps) and that did the necessary. Thanks advice xx
  11. hels123smiles

    hels123smiles Silver Member

    My god 2 hours!!!!!
  12. BKC1969

    BKC1969 Full Member

    OMG!! 2 hrs - lucky if I manage 20 mins. Glad to see something has worked, Im in the same boat though only tried sennekot, Im having what i call painful waves in my upper stomach and feel really rough. Hopefully feel better later or manage to have a poo!!!! what ever comes first!!
  13. Greeneyes11

    Greeneyes11 Gold Member

    For those of you who find that dulcolax dont work, remember that they do not work if taken with milk products, so make sure you take them more than an hour before or after a shake....
  14. westiedog

    westiedog Full Member

    2 hours on Wii fit step freestyle - you can watch normal tv while doing basic step. The Wii remote makes a noise to keep you in time. I work shifts so if im off I normally watch daytime tv - this way I still get to watch the programmes and get some exercise. xx
  15. shelz

    shelz Silver Member

    I found a product called benefibre helped me in the past. This was at a time when no laxatives would work - crazy enough it was due to me putting nothing in my system!! lol

    My boyfriend bought his wii to my house about 3 months ago, are the programs on wii fit any good as the gentle exercise needed for the primary weeks?

    I do have a home gym, with bike and cross trainer, rowing machine, treadmill, weights bench and a new vibrating machine. I have been thinking about getting rid of all this and just utilising the local gym as it is only £24 per month, you can go anytime you wish and swim as much as you like!
  16. Greeneyes11

    Greeneyes11 Gold Member

    I ordered the Fitness Coach for the Wii today, you can set up how long you want your workout to be and whether you want it to be gentle or more harder exercise, plus there are no gaps when you swap positions etc... it was £9.99 from Game with free postage.
  17. westiedog

    westiedog Full Member


    I find the wii fit a godsend. It gives me the motivation to carry on as you can do a body test every time you use it and shows you your weight and bmi - thats if you want to see it. I have not done any exercise for the past ten years or so due to a knee injury. I had knee surgery in January this year and the wii fit is as easy or as hard as you wish - you control it - much better than exercise dvds. :eek:
  18. Witchy

    Witchy ButtERfly

    Sounds like i need to get one of those, im using the Samba De Amigo its a maraca game on the Wii and its really a good work out for your whole body mainly your arms but if you wiggle while your doing it its brilliant and really fun.
  19. sally999

    sally999 Member

    Hi Westiedog - I've been taking strong painkillers 8 a day for siatica and it makes you really constipated so doing ss makes it even worse if thats possible! Anyway dont want to get too graphic lol.. I find the best thing is plenty of water and migralax from the chemist. Your doctor can prescribe it for you if its constant and you feel really bad - hope this helps - sal x:)

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