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CD and Exercise...

This is my 3rd day doing SS and not cheating :p I try to go to the gym, mon, wed, and fri. I started the gym about a month ago.

This morning, I felt so ill when I got home, I took it down a notch at the gym..but OMG, I thought I was going to collapse.

Im burning about 500kcal at the gym every other day and walking around 4-7K steps everyday.

Is this too much?

Im worried about sagging skin, as I know this weight loss will be fast on this diet.
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Hey Sunnydays

Today is my 3rd day on SS too :p Like you I've been going to the gym regularly for about a month before I started this diet. I was worried about exercising on such low calories as if I've gone to the gym in the past with not eating much that day (say I didn't have lunch or something) I'd find I didn't have the energy to push myself on the equipment, it felt like it was just too much to do.

So naturally I was worried about doing CD because like you I wanted to exercise and prevent loose skin. Anyway I spoke to my CDC and she advised me to steer clear of exercise for the first week or so to let my body adjust to what I'm feeding it (or not feeding might be a better term). After two weeks I'm going to start doing yoga & pilates classes at the gym, weights and also moderate swimming. Nothing strenuous.

I'm no doctor (I do study biology though ;)) and the best person to ask is yoour CDC but personally I'd say you are doing a bit too much. Our bodies generally (varies from person to person) need 2000ish calories a day when we are stationary and aren't doing anything, so to reduce calorie intake on CD to under 500 a day is pretty drastic. If you are burning say 500 cals walking and at the gym (I'd say you were burning a heck of a lot more though doing 7k of walking) that means your body is literally running on empty.

Toning anaerobic exercises, body brushing and moisturising should help against sagging skin, but the only way to completely avoid this is to lose weight at a slower rate of 1-2lbs a week so your skin has time to adjust. If you want to keep up doing so much aerobic cardiovascular exercise though I really don't think it goes hand in hand with CD as feeling dizzy, lightheaded or faint is never a good thing at the gym.


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I've been told by my CDC to do no cardio-vascular exercise at all on SS - although you can start it (gently!) on SS+ when food is introduced. Strengthening exercises, such as Pilates, are fine - in fact to be recommended, to help out with the weakness and aching that your body will experience.

This is a VLCD, remember - we're not taking in enough calories to allow for exercise as well!
Thanks for your answers guys! I think Maybe I should cut it down a bit, As dense as it sounds I didnt really think about running on empty.

Does anyone know what the Kcals is in 3 shakes a day?

I could have 4 because of my height apparently.

Im not really thinking about the cals I burn at the gym, I want to be burning them when Im at home watching telly later on.
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I think that averaging out the packs come it at about 130kcals each (this may be wrong now with all the new stuff - I worked this out a couple of years ago on the stuff I was having at the time). That means on 3 packs you are putting in 390kcals a day, so on the days you go to the gym you end up with ~ -110kcals!! Madness!! :)

Exercising causes water retention anyway - the body needs it to deal with the lactic acid build up and to repair muscles, so technically exercising could mess up your recorded weight losses a tad.
Hi, I'm tall so I have 4 'sachets' a day. I was worried about sagging skin but I have a friend who has lost 6st on this diet as she is fine. DO NOT GO TO THE GYM!

We are existing on about 500cals (if on 4) per day. I have been on SS for two weeks now. I walk my dogs everyday but on Sunday it was a nice day so I went out and walked for about 2 hours, when I got home my finance thought I looked like dealth (and I felt it) If you burn off all the (little) energy your putting into your body, you may want to eat something else.

I itend to start a 'gentle' class next month but let your body get used to the drop in cals.
Oops :eek:

Great thread, I started powerwalking 2 weeks ago and am near addicted to it. I had not thought about exercise & CD like this before.

Will definitely be taking it real easy tonight (Day 1) and watching how I feel.

Thanks for the thread and the great advice :)
Hey - there's really good thread on exercise on here somewhere, and a great post by the very wise KD. She posted about findings of research done about exercise on VLCD and how it can actually affect your weight loss (and not in a good way [weigh];))

You might want to check it out.


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I don't think I have the energy for cardio work at the gym! So my plan is to go to the gym twice a week for resistence training, but being careful not to push myself too much and drink LOADS of water. And then a nice long walk once a week. And generally try and walk around more. Park further away from shops etc. I've also got a wii with wii fit and my fitness coach, and I'm going to try and use those every day. And start trying to do sit ups etc at home, oh how I hate stomach/ab crunches though, so I try to avoid, though I probably should do them!


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Personally I think that it is important to listen to your body. Everyone is different. I was a regular gym member anyway so going is the norm for me - I wouldn't dream of starting from scratch on SS.

I am on SS and since monday I have done

2 x body balance
1 x body combat
1 x spin
1 x body pump
1 x pilates

If I wasn't going on holiday today I would be doing another spin tonight and a body pump tomorrow morning.

There have been times where I simply didn't feel I had enough energy for cardio so I've changed a class to something like pilates / body balance

Good luck and take care - don't force yourself to do anything that you don't feel you have the energy for


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