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CD and Hypothyroidism - contra-indicated?



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Yes, you will be able to do it, but if you receive medication for it, you will need to get a doctors signature.

I have an underactive thyroid. It wasn't a problem :)
It's ok, just found it on the website.
Oooh, crossposted.Thank you!
I actually am being treated for an underactive thyroid but that's because my thyroid was killed off after being hyper! But as a side note, CD doesn't seem to have any effect on the hypo and medication side effects which is what I was worried about. Incase you happen to think of it!

Another thing to keep in mind, I'm assuming you're taking the same type of medication as I am and with the replacement meds, you cant take them within 4 hours of taking any vitamin. I take the replacement at night and just make sure I don't drink a CD shake after 6pm-ish since it does have a decent dose of calcium.

Perhaps I'm being too careful but I'd rather be more careful with it.


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Like the others, I'm on meds for an underactive thyroid and did CD fine.
thanks everyone. My Thyroid stimulating hormone is technically sub-clinical, so it is raised, but they may not treat it. I am symptomatic with it though....


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So's mine. When I was diagnosed my TSH was 2.6. GP refused to treat me so I went private. Cost me £3 a month for tablets and £25 for appointment.

Then I got my GP to refer me to hospital (NHS). Consultant said I should have been referred all along and that NHS would now treat me. Because I'm trying for a kid they want my TSH under 2.5.

Long story short - I was symptomatic too.
Oooh, Coley, that's really intersesting to know. The only reason my TSH was tested was because I need fertility treatment...


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If your TSH is over 2.5 then you should be treated if you are trying for a baby. My consultant is the toughest in the country (honestly he is!) and even he agrees. If your TSH is over 5 then there are risks of miscarriage and mental retardation. It isn't worth messing about with.

Thyroid issues can also affect fertility. I have Hashmito's and there is some evidence that the active antibodies can affect your ability to get pregnant. I'm still trying to get a straight answer on that one but its not a problem to ignore.

PM me if you want any more info. x
Coley, you have mail, thank you x
Gah, had another blood test this week, my TSH is now 9.1....
I'm waiting to speak to the nurse at the fertility clinic at the moment....

I'm just relieved that they've 'found' something!
No advice on the fertility side but I have also just been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and I understand anything over 4 is considered to be hypothyroid and in need of meds.

Hope you get things sorted.

Nurse was useless. [bangs head against a brick wall...]

For fertility treatment purposes TSh should be between 1 and 2.....

How recently have you started meds? have you noticed a difference?
It was my fertility doc that requested the bloods, thats why I went down that route. My GP isn't that fantastic, and is likely to laugh me out of the surgery....


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You'd have to hope the GP would be better than that! Try and if that fails complain to the Chief Exec of the PCT. If THAT fails contact your MP and get them to complain to the GP and PCT. Then you'll definitely get treated!

I used to work as a complaints manager at a PCT so believe me I know what works.

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