CD bars and ketosis - 3 too many?


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I know that the CD bars have 27gms of carbohydrate but a number of those sugars and 20 odd I right in thinking I take the polypols and the sugars away from the carbohydrate figure to tell me exactly how many carbs I'm eating?

I'm having a minimum of 2 bars a day, and yesterday I had 3...I know this isn't great, but it's still CD and it's not food..but would really like to know if I'm actually able to get into ketosis this way...mouth tastes foul but that may just be because of the VLCD rather than ketosis.

Any ideas?
Isn't the limit on bars because of the risks of constipation? :confused:
The limitation on bars is due to higher carb content, and also for some people it can lead to an upset stomach and excessive wind. Dependent on what else you are consuming you might still get into ketosis having more than one bar per day, but it's probably better to limit them if you can.