CD bars & stomach cramps


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Some people do experience these side effects. Try halving the bars and having them at different times of the day and see if that helps!


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There is a lot of fibre in those bars and they definitely used to make my tummy gurgle so as Bev said cut em up and have half at a time and also drink extra water.



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Yep, they give me wind too. I usually find a bit of exercise shifts it! :D


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I experienced this and so packed them in. If I stuck to half a bar a day chopped up and eaten with drinks I was OK but in the end I found this difficult to stick to and started to go off the rails with cravings. So decided to stick to the shakes and soups.

See how you get on but the bars are the problem I'm sure.

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I have had the same with LL bars and LL food is made by CD. My counsellor said I must be intolerant of the sorbitol in them. They make me quite ill so I avoid all but the nut crunch bar. Not sure if CD has an equivalent but it isn't a sweet bar at all so no sorbitol I guess.


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I am also on LL and this is a big problem for me....I have now stopped having the bars and the pain has gone away!

it took me 3 weeks to realise it wwas the bars....duhhhh iam!!!


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my entire street knows when ive had a bar. i guess i could always pretend one of the kids has taken up trumpet lessons :eek: lol


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thanks everyone,
i thought i'd give them a go for times like next weekend when i go to Portsmouth, really just for convenience. as i have 4 left i will leave them in the fridge & just have one occasionally, luck i have some spare supplies !!