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CD, changing more than just our clothes size?


Slimming down the aisle
The beginning of this week I was on a bit of a downer about the diet, I felt like it would take forever, and I was never going to get there. 6 months of no food. Nothing, apart from an add a meal week or two. I thought about stepping up to SS+ but I was a bit concerned about how I'd be with the introduction of food, but decided to go for it, and have been enjoying it and now feel a lot more positive.

Anyway, to the point! Sorry, I ramble a lot. Tonight I made a chicken salad for dinner. And now half way through I've put my bowl aside, because I'm full. And it made me think, before this diet, I wouldn't have done that. I would have finished it because it tasted nice. I was the same last week on a night off I went to nandos with my sister, but I ate very little. I've probably always recognised being full, but now I'm listening to it. I just hope that it bodes well for closer to goal and further up the plans!

So if anyone is feeling like I was, like as soon as food is in the picture it'll all go tits up, it doesn't have to. I've realised just how much this diet retrains our minds and habits too. Maybe that's the biggest benefit of this diet, taking food out of the equation, leads to simplicity. But it also means that maybe we start to recognise the feelings of hunger and fullness more, rather than just the I really fancy... or ooh I could murder a... I think it is for me anyway, and I hope it is for all of you!

Anyway, I'll shut up now! Hope you're all having fab days.
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You're spot on !

I think twice about EVERY single piece of food im about to consume now.

I go out for dinner & lunch quite alot with friends and never touch carbs at all now...although now im on 810 and soon 1000!! i will be slowly intro'ing every type again...but it certainly has made me look at all food groups very differently.


CD is bestest :D


Slimming down the aisle
It's interesting you saying about going out for lunch and dinner Leah, I'm starting to realise that this diet doesn't have to mean bye bye social life, it means making sensible, healthy and informed decisions. So I went to nandos, ate normal food, but stayed away from carbs, and stopped when I felt full, no real difference the next day. I agree, has made me look at the different food groups differently.

And can I just add, you look fab!! Just seen your BMI too, you've done and are doing amazingly!

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
It's great to be thinking more about your food choices. Well done :) But umm I hate to put a damper on this, ketosis is saving you from a lot of physical hunger cravings, if not all. Once you are out of ketosis and working up the steps, it can be a whole different ball game, and if it wasn't, well there wouldn't be returners. Don't mean that to sound harsh and I am only speaking from my own experience but SS+ was a breeze compared to the next bit. And I know for me there was the psychological part too. I knew I wasn't hungry on SS+ but didn't have that safety net when I was back on food.

So many times on here I've read people say, I can't believe I am only on 500 calories and I'll be fine eating three times that. It's not always that simple.

ETA - And the toughest thing was dealing with physical hunger and the wonderful hormones leptin and ghrelin.
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Thanks Caro!! yes im finally at 25!! cant believe it lol

Laura C...yep ive always said on here SS/SS+ is a piece of pish really... this week for first time ive had hunger 'pangs' ...not been used to them for soooooo long but im head strong and holding out.

I think the bottom line is staying TRUE to CD totally and working up the plans letter by letter..it REALLY is the ONLY way its gonna work long term


Slimming down the aisle
Oh no I totally get what you mean, and I agree, definitely! I just meant that as in it's made me start realising the difference between a physical hunger and a head hunger. Like now there are times when I think ooh I'm hungry, but I know I'm not, so I'm starting to recognise what is just me wanting something. And that feeling of fullness is becoming more obvious. And like Leah said, I'm understanding the different food groups more and can make better choices. But I know it's a completely different ball game later on, I just mean that I hope that my new thinking helps. And I agree with what Leah said (again!) I think it's all about going up those steps, and doing it properly. I think if when I'd come off CD last summer for financial reasons, if I'd moved up the steps rather than to 1000 and then off, then I'd have maintained possibly, rather than put a stone and a half on over the past 7 months. Which is gone again now thankfully!


Gold Member
It's the reintroduction of those pesky carbs that makes it all a lot trickier. Cos then our insulin levels start peaking and troughing again.

And then you really get to have fun with figuring out what's head hunger, and what isn't. :D :D It's actually a lot harder than you might think. From bitter experience, I can tell you that it doesn't actually take that long once you get back to 'normal eating' before a sensible portion of food doesn't seem that filling at all.


Not fair, but true, I'm afraid.


Slimming down the aisle
I'm not saying it's by any means easy, I know that it isn't, and I know the hardest parts where I'll learn the most are yet to come. I was just trying to say that I feel like my attitudes towards things are changing, not just my weight and clothes size.


Creating my life
I have found the same. I did CD until March last year then worked up the stages to 1200 cals (as I was still trying to lose). My tastes were totally different than they were before and I appreciated 'normal' food much more....rather than just wanting what I call party food.

So yes hunger does return and it is a struggle but hopefully as well you have a new attitude to food....and life!

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
I'm not saying it's by any means easy, I know that it isn't, and I know the hardest parts where I'll learn the most are yet to come. I was just trying to say that I feel like my attitudes towards things are changing, not just my weight and clothes size.
Yeah I hear you. Keep up the great work x

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