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    Hi all, i posted a thread earlier this week about the concerns i have been having with CD SS and ramadan so i was thinking maybe i could do a CD/Atkins diet through ramadan (1 month) so i could have more cals and keep it as low carb as possible and still have high losses.

    Does anyone know anything about combining CD with Atkins or had any experience with it?? I was thinking of doing the induction phase of atkins for the first 2weeks of ramadan and thinking of having 1 shake (14.4g) plus chicken in the morning and fish in the evening and some veg to make up 5g.

    But when i get towards to end of the month i wanted to jump to 2 CD Shakes (28.8g) and 1 protein meal (will this make me gain weight?) and then back to SS for the last week of ramadan as it will most likley be TOTM for me so i cant fast.

    I would appreciate any advice or suggestions because i am trying to plan ahead so i can have more cals in ramadan to get me through the day and still lose weight.

    My other option is doing 1200cals for 1st week, 1000cals for the 2nd, 810cals for the 3rd week and the SS for the 4th week. But i dont think that i will have much of a loss in the first 2 weeks and i may need more cals for the first 3 weeks to get me through the long hours of fastiing in the day. I cannot drink any water in the day either so not sure what effect that will have on my weightloss if i stick to the CD plans.

    Sorry about the long post but like i said i need to plan ahead so i am prepared for ramadan and feel confident i will lose weight (and not binge on all the delicious food at the end of the day).

    Thanks in advance for your replies xx :)
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    You will be getting enough nutritionally on one pack and a meal.

    The 810cal programme may be a good option during Ramadan it is low carb. Have a talk to you CDC I'm sure he/she will help you decide.
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    Thanks for your reply sim. I have thought of doing the 810cals step but i am worried about the water intake. I keep thinking that i wont lose any weight if i cant drink any water during the day. We got our calender for the month the other day and the first day of fasting will be 16 hours.

    I will have a chat with CDC but doing a kind of atkins diet is sounding more appealing everyday. I dont even intend to eat the high fatty foods if i do it. I just want 1 cd shake a day for my carb intake and have a meal of chicken in the morning and fish in the evening to help me lose more weight during the month.

    I'm still pondering over what to do. I have many ideas in my head but i may have to experiment with what suits me best when ramadan approaches, i'm sure i'll find something that works for me.

    Thanx again for your reply :) xx
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