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CD day 10 - horrendous heartburn


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What it says in the title really, I'm on day 10 of SS and I am almost dying of heartburn... I am seriously considering going to the supermarket and buying enough stuff for a white and green SS+ meal, just to see if it goes.

I'm not hungry or thirsty etc, just in so much pain! :cry:
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I'm not hungry or thirsty etc, just in so much pain! :cry:
Ouch...poor you!

You can take Rennies or Gaviscon, so might be worth picking some up when you're at the shops.

Also get some peppermint tea whilst you're there.

Hope it goes off shortly :hug99:


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Ohhh not nice. Hope you manage to take something that gets rid of it soon. I used to suffer terribly with heartburn before I went on this diet,but I haven't had a problem since.
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Hi sorry you are suffering. i have it too and find it is worse after I have the water flavouring but I couldnt drink it without it in I HATE plain water. BUT I find Im okay if I have a gaviscon double action tablet and it also gets rid of the rancid taste in my mouth from fat burning. I max have 3 a day tho and have found it hasnt knocked me out of fat burning luckily but be careful incase it does you cos everyone is different


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Hi, when I got this, my CDC contacted the Cambridge doctor people and they said I could take Gavilast. This stuff is brilliant and you just have to take 1 a day and it lasts all day.
Hope that helps!
Helen xx
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Ouch hope you feel better soon! It's not good when you have aches and pains on this diet is it?

I have been suffering for the last couple of days and don`t know why as I have been doing this for 20 weeks now and never had it before, does anyone know if it has anything to do with being in deep ketosis as when I tested this morning it was quite a deep colour and I have been drinking at least 3 ltrs water a day since the start so don`t think I`m dehydrated, my weight hasn`t shifted this week at all and it`s extremely fustrating as well the indigestion being uncomfortable.
I find Zantac brilliant. Tiny tablet, no sugar, one tab should work all day. Beware of Rennies etc, most of them have sugar, it's best to ask the pharmacist for the diabetic sugar-free versions.

But Zantac is good and is available without prescription. Read the label to check it's ok for you. Definitely won't affect diet or ketosis - my doc recommended it when I did LL as I have huge heartburn probs. It doesn't work quite as fast as Rennies but it lasts longer and has no sugar.
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This happened to me yesterday and today, I couldn't understand why when I am only having shakes, but glad to hear it is a common problem and you can take something for it, I am on day 13 so seems around the same time... hope you get yours sorted soon.
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I'm on week 8 and I've been suffering a lot recently. I thought it was a reaction to the water flavouring so interesting to read that someone else is having the same problem with it.

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