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  1. MrsR2004

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    Hi all,

    Not sure if anyone can help but thought I would ask anyway, last week I found out my nan and dad have inherited hyperlipideamia (which is a defective gene you are born with that causes the cholesterol levels to be 2-4 times higher than normal) so myself and my sister are being tested.

    I won't find out if I have it for a week but wondered if I will be able to carry on with CD if it's positive? If the result is high I will need medication but equally still need to lose my excess weight but am wondering if the tablets will be safe to take with no food? I'm trying not to think too much about it yet but lots of things keep running through my head, if its high and I can't do cd then it will take me so much longer to lose the weight :cry:

    Also, if the result is medium or even low then I will probably have 6 month testing as it doesn't mean I haven't got it just that it's not showing up yet :( i'm praying it's low and stays low for my sons sake :cry:

    I believe it can be well managed if the result is high but I still feel scared, the doctor said that high cholesterol significantly increases the risk of heart disease and heart attack, i'm only 29! I don't smoke and rarely drink but am overweight.

    Sorry this turned into such a long post, sometimes when you start you can't stop and it is easier to "let it all out" when your not face to face :eek::eek::eek:

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  3. KD

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    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    i don't know the answer about whether you can do it with the medication. You would need to get a drs signature.

    But, just before I started Cambridge, my cholestral was rocket high. 10 point something. I wasn't offered medication as they told me that they always try the lifestyle change first. I realise that this may be different in your case though.

    After 3 months of CD, I was retested and it had halved. It was down to 5 something :clap: Don't know what it is now, but the doctor was gobsmacked at the time.
  4. MrsR2004

    MrsR2004 Full Member

    Hi KD, that's brilliant well done you!

    Yes obviously lifestyle is still key but with the gene causing the level to always be 2-4 times higher I guess it's not enough? I will wait to hear more when I get the results, my dad and nan have been given medication and are both healthy, especially my nan! (before she got poorly) I am hoping that my last 2-3 months of cd will have helped alot with bringing the level down whether or not I have it?

    Thanks for responding xx
  5. KD

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    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Dunno, guess you'll have to wait and see. My logic tells me that CD will have helped rather than hinder and that the doctor will need to keep an eye on your levels for any changes that may be needed with the medication whilst you are on CD.

    But that's just my logic. Not a medical opinion!

    Best of luck anyway!
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    When i started CD last year my cholesterol was 9.8 & a little while on CD & it dropped to 3.8 :eek:

    I had been on medication for high cholesterol but it hadn't been having much of an impact on lower my cholesterol.
  7. MrsR2004

    MrsR2004 Full Member

    Wow daisy, that's great! Really interesting to hear how cd has helped both of you with your cholesterol so am pretty confident it will have helped me, even if the level is high it probably would have been much higher?

    Kd - do you eat "normally" now rather than CD products? Has this effected your cholesterol level at all? Just wondering if it lowers alot when ss but then obviously the introduction of food would make it go up? I guess it's then down to making the right choices?

    Thanks again xx
  8. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Yes. Don't use the packs as I get everything I need from 'normal' food.

    I have no idea as I haven't been tested in ages.

    To be honest, I don't make choices of foods according to cholestrol. Just make basic healthy choices. Mod healthy fats, preferably unprocessed stuff etc because I feel good on them.

    Both my parents died before they reached 60 (father at 42) of heart related problems, but cholestral levels are only one of a number of factors. I deal with the ones that I feel I can deal with :D
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