cd new starter


HI there i have only been on CD for a week or so and i have lost 4ibs then promptly took time off over xmas and ate everything in site! amazingly i never put on anything s the 4ib loss remained. Day two and its back to the hard work of not thinking about food which is fine when im at wrk but at home, my GOd i never realised i lived in tesco there is food everywhere!!!

Welcome Sloren.

Well done for starting it before Xmas - even if you did come off it for awhile you were probably conscious of not eating too much. Great that you have not put any on ... and now you can carry on and finish the job you started!

Good luck and shout if you have any questions.
Well done for not putting on over Christmas :D I think its great that you are starting back on CD again - Good Luck :)

Hi there and well done for getting straight back into again, and not gaining over Christmas - that's brilliant.

All the best for your weight loss journey
Thats fab!! Cant believe u didnt put on anything over Christmas....thats fantastic!

Al i can say is man u have some serious will power, the 1st day i wanted to eat more than ever before and what is all this water for!
I can just about handle 1.5 litres let alone 2 or more!! its awful even with the stuff u put in it!
I never ate mcdonalds before this diet now the burgers are talking to me!! frightening but seriously i think this forum will help...!!! thanks