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CD porridge. Hated it :-(

I honestly thought it was really nice!! I could have it for breakfast even though I don't need to anymore!!

I did try sweetening it with a disolved splenda which made it nicer for me.

I would give it 9 out of 10 though for a sole source product!

0/10 i feel!

I will stick to the shakes, soups and bars.

Ive a very nice cd lady that will change them, hassel free. She`s very understanding which is lovely:)
:)oooh I really want to taste this!

I am on week 1 still so maybe once I have completed week 2?

I shall ask my CDC on Thursday about it I think!

Ive not had the husks but the porridge for me wasnt good. It HAS to be made in the mirowave which im not a fan of, didnt mix too well, you hardly get any ( and im far from greedy) was sweet but not in a good way

LOL well thats what i felt, each to their own like, You just need to try it and its the case of marmite, love it or hate it!


Cambridge Counsellor
I think its fantastic. Those interested should give it a go and see what they think. There are bound to be people who can't stand it in the same way as I can't stand the chocolate mint or the veg soup.

The porridge is an amazing choice for SS. In 17 years I didn't think I'd see anything like that.
What does it taste like?

out of date ready brek lol
I don't have a microwave, but gave it a go making it up with hot water and then putting it on the hob and simmering gently until it started to boil.

I thought it came out rather well considering it wasn't supposed to be made that way - although I think using only 140 mls of water wasn't enough as it seemed rather too thick. Next time I'll add a little more water, but I did enjoy it (and I'm not a great lover of porridge at the best of times :))
By doing it in this slow manner on the hob my counsellor said not to, something to do with the release of the vitamins in the porridge and not killing them off so to speak b4 eating them.
NOOOOOOOOOOO:confused: ive been looking forward to getting my porridge, went to see my cdc today she said she will have it 2morrow but im wont be able to see her till next week anyway.

Now im hearing it is like ready brek which i really hate :cry: umm im not sure im that keen.

Did anyone try mixing it with 1/2 a pack and 1/2 a porridge to make it better??????:confused:


Cambridge Counsellor
I thought it was more like oats so simple, the sweet plain one. But I haven't had that in a long while, so maybe my memory is a bit out!
Dont give up hope u may like it. Alls not lost as we still have our shakes, soups and bars which we know we like and work. She said you can add nutmeg to the porridge but im really not gonna bother, as the saying goes "u cant shine a turd" lol


Leahs Lightweights
just popped to see my cdc to pick up some porridge

may have a pack now... cant wait till breakfast....i hope its nice!!


Must do it this time
so when i heard there was a porridge out i got very excited,so excited in fact that i e-mailed my cdc straight away and she said that the porridge is only available if you are on the 1000kcal plan,im confused is this right or is she wrong???
Im on cd ss and ive been given it. Give ur cdc a call and ask her again hunni as im not the only 1 on ss thats had it, for what its worth lol

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