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CD products

Ok weird question but i previously done cambridge diet and still have some products left., After checking the nutritional value against exante products they are pretty similar. Do you think it would do any harm to use these priducts up whilst also using exante? I didnt want to reallty but grudge wasting them, and i could kill for a bowl of the apple and cinnamon porridge for dinner tonight lol
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It is a like for like VLCD, so it should be fine!

It is not cheating Daddy Mark!!lol
Erm... as an interested observer I agree that it is not really cheating!

It's still VLCD. Not 'food'.

I love reading all your Exante adventures. Inflexibility is not a good quality to have ha ha.


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lol!!! I love it Girly!


Grumpy Old Git
I think it should be OK......

I have some other makes of VLCD shakes and soups on the way.....:cool:

It is staying on the VLCD that is important!!;)
Mark the mere fact that u are trying to pass that off is a cheat is terrible tut tut shame on you. If anything the CD product has less carbs, less fat and is also 63 calories less....cheat??? cheat?? hmm no haha


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lol....one of your own is mixing Mark....what say you to that lol


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lol!!!! We don't mind if you call it a rule break now, as would be 1 for blue and 1 for pink lol.....Fair i think that is called lol
I've got a few sachets left from my very brief attempt at CD and I pop the odd one in on this plan, usually when I'm bored. I haven't noticed any side-effects from doing it. Go for it.... although that porridge is seriously grim imo. ;)
oooh i love the porridge!

I would definately be tempted to swap th toffee nut and raisin bars. think im gonna TRY and persevere with the choc orange ones....i have 13 of the toffee ones left tho if u want a wee swap im up for that hehe x

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