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Swapping Products!


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One of our members insisted that Lipotrim said that it was okay to swap Lipotrim Flapjacks for Tesco bars.

My email to Lipotrim...
We at MiniMins do our best to make sure that our members only get the proper guidelines on how to use Lipotrim TFR but a member has said that she contacted you directly and off the record she was told that it was okay to use Tesco bars in place of Lipotrim flapjacks.

I would be greatly if you could clear up your position on this as it is causing great confusion and concern among our members who are using Lipotrim TFR like myself as this person is very insistent she spoke to you about this.

Please let us know so that we can put this matter to rest...Is it safe or acceptable to use Tesco bars and other diet bars which might have similar nutritional ingredients as replacement product for Lipotrim flapjacks whilst doing Lipotrim TFR...officially or unofficially what is your position regarding this matter.
Below is the reply I received from Lipotrim...

From: Expose Email
Sent: Saturday, January 07, 2012 11:09 AM
To: Mini Mins
Subject: RE: Help needed regarding...Swapping Tesco Bars with Lipotrim TFR Flapjacks?

Thank you for your email. Very sorry for the delay in response. There is no way anyone in our organisation would have given such wrong information. There is a considerable difference in the nutritional requirements for a total food replacement programme such as Lipotrim and a meal replacement product such as Tesco’s. This is not trivial since people are only consuming the diet formulas and the inadequacy of certain nutrients can cause considerable harm.
We appreciate your checking with us. We work only through health professionals and are very concerned with information placed on various forums since a high percentage of our patients have concurrent medical problems and casual advice which may not affect a totally healthy person can be very serious under conditions where there are medical issues.

Please feel free to check with us at any time.

Kind regards

Dr S. Kreitzman Ph.D, R.Nutr. (UK Registered Nutritionist)

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:DSoooo glad this had finally been addressed and cleared up... Thanks Mini.... all their in Black & White, so no one can argue with that!! :D
S: 13st7lb C: 12st13lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st8lb(4.23%)
i must admit, I had wondered about that too in case I got caught out on the hop, best jusy to stick with the water and wait til I get home for a shake!
The flapjack I tried, peanut, was yuck!


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I really want to try the bars but. When I go in for new supply will the pharmacist give me one to try? Don't want 7 if I don't like them.
My pharmacy will let me swap things, so this week I wanted to try the soup as a lot have said its not nice, so i have one in my batch, really liked it so went and swapped some shakes for soup, i intend to do the same with the bars. We all have different tastes so i think these are all worth a try to see x
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does anyone actually like the flapjacks ? i want to try them for something different to have but all ive read is negative things about them :confused:
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I tried a peanut flapjack yesterday - I found it so disgusting that I didn't even get half way through so was very hungry by the evening shake.
S: 12st10lb G: 9st10lb
I have had the peanut flapjacks & to be honest I didn't find them that bad.... Edible & it's nice to be able to chew on something :D each to their own I suppose but it's def worth at least trying them... I think it's nice to have what little variety we can :)
S: 21st11lb C: 20st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 48.8 Loss: 0st12lb(3.93%)
i tried to peanut one yesterday and couldnt even finish it ! at least ive tried but never again haha x


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I love the coconut one


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One of our members insisted that Lipotrim said that it was okay to swap Lipotrim Flapjacks for Tesco bars.

My email to Lipotrim...
Below is the reply I received from Lipotrim...
i thought that couldnt be correct as TFR Lipotrim bag says nothing about any other product :confused::sigh::)


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i love the soups im going in tomorrow to swap some choc shakes for the soup :) they are the only 2 things i like!!!
S: 13st12lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st12lb(6.19%)
Does anyone know if they've changed the soups or bars over the last two and a half years? When I did the LT diet in 2011 ( I lost 3 stone) I didn't like them but was going to give them another go for some variety if they have been updated. Many thanks for any advice
S: 24st11.5lb C: 21st3lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 39.2 Loss: 3st8.5lb(14.53%)
Hi LCH. I love vanilla anything (Vanilla Coke I was one of my favourite drinks) and don't like chocolate anything. The first time I got my week's supply, I asked for 10 vanilla and 4 strawberry shakes - the strawberry, though nice at first, became a bit tiresome. The second weeks' supply, I got all vanilla and it became awful as there was just too much of the same. Last week, I asked for some peanut flapjacks but the pharmacist didn't have any - thouh they've ordered some for next week - so I got 10 vanilla, 2 strawberry and 2 chocolate. The taste of the vanilla has become better as I'm mixing it up, but I won't bother with the strawberry again. The big suprise for me is the chocolate - I had one today and it's really nice. I'l let you know what the flapjacks are like on Friday, but everyone is different. I'm not really a biscuit/cake/sweet type of person, but I like peanuts so they may be alright.

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