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Cd Shakes and E-Bay

tatty head

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I had bid on some cd shakes from e-bay as i dont feel brave enough to venture out to a counsellor just yet and have been out bid OMG how the hell do they get away with charging so much for them ??

Doe's anybody else buy from e-bay if so do they always sell so high or have i just been unlucky and found a bit of a surge !!!!!! :cry:
many thanks Tatty x
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One Last Time.......

don't buy from ebay, would suggest you see a counsellor...... Not worth paying over the odd prices or risking that they haven't been tampered with. Your health is more important so see a counsellor


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dont buy from ebay!! CDCs are not actually allowed to sell the product on the net so you dont actually know who you are buying from, what you will be buying, how the packs have been stored and the list goes on!!

What is scaring you so much about going to see a CDC? Your packs will prob only cost you around £35 for a weeks worth and you wil have support into the bargain!


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Hi Tatty, I admit I bought my first lot of CD from ebay but I didnt do anything right as without counsellor support you only get half the story. It is a big step contacting a counsellor but its well worth it and you wont get ripped off and you will loose your weight so GO FOR IT!! Good luck sarahxx.

tatty head

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Hi ,
Thanks for the prompt responses , i am not ready to see a counsellor as i am scared i will fail straight away :break_diet: and i couldnt bear to fail publicly yet again :rolleyes:

It wouldnt be my first time doing the cambridge diet and i wasn't very successful first time around !
Thanks again Tatty x

tatty head

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Thanks Sarah,
I dont know i could face it ( my counsellor :eek: ) but i thought directly from e-bay might be good, a little more anonymous !
That is very tempting right now :sigh:
tatty x


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Im on restart to and did ss first week lost 12lb and then promptly fell off wagon 2nd week and didnt weigh in and done 2 days this week and failed today so restart again tomorrow!! My CD counsellor is brill and understands completely that its not easy after your first initial cd journey to return to SS and just keeps encouraging me to do 1 day at a time. Please give it serious thought to getting started again properly it will only be yourself who will judge. Sarahxx.


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Tatty, I dont think anyone who at least TRIES to change the things that make them unhappy can be classed as failures, you have nothing to be scared of and nothing to lose (except the weight) by seeing a CDC...I am sure they gets lots and lots of people who need to come back to them for watever reason!

tatty head

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Good luck on that restart Sarah i will keep my fingers crossed for you i know its tough x

Hi Kazz,
I know what your saying and it makes perfect sense and i would be saying the same thing to anybody else but its hard to practice what i preach lol
I will think about it, when i feel strong i think i will just call and then i get to the phone and then freeze aaaaargh !lol
Tatty x


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you dont have to justify urself to a CDC hun. if u fail off and on the wagon 100 times, im sure all they will want to do is help. most CDCs have been big and know how tough it is. why not ring a couple and say straight away that u have problems sticking to it and are worried about falling off the wagon. Im sure when they know this they will make the extra effort to help you. and anyways...it wouldnt be publicly. if u want it to be discreet she or he will make sure it is, im sure.

first and foremost...it is NOT their place to judge u.



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Where are ye?! I'll call your local for ye!!

Ah I know wat you mean though, I was kinda scared when I first got in touch with my CDC, but now (even though I am on a pesky restart) I am delighted I did....

It is hard, but you need to weigh up how badly you want to lose the weight!!

tatty head

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Hey Karen,
You certainly make a good argument but i am sooooo weak feel a bit ashamed ! x

Hi Kazz,
would tell you who my counsellor is but they are a miniminner ! x


Back again!
Just want to back up what's been said really. I wouldn't advise buying over ebay, you really don't know what you're getting or the advice and support a CDC can give you. Speaking as one myself I would always happily welcome anyone back who wanted to give it another go and applaud their decision, you have nothing to worry about and I'm sure once you make the decision and go along, it'll be a lot easier than you thought it would.

Alternatively is there another CDC in your area that doesn't know you - would that make it easier for you.

I really do hope you go back to your CDC, I'm sure she/he will welcome you with open arms :)


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I went to a CD counsellor because I needed help. (Not that I was aware of sales on ebay and too scared to buy from there anyway.)

I tried and failed too many times to lose weight on my own and I had come to a point where I finally had to do something. The support you receive is amazing.

I would say don't be afraid. How about calling a counsellor first? Or going with a friend? If you are going to start CD you really need all the information to get you started and when you need support they will be there for you.

I wish you all the best whatever your decision.



Yeah!!!! do it!!!!

I have some people who gave up and I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally wanted them to do well. If they were to come back I would be super happy to have them!!

Swallow your nervousness.....it will all be fine. Whats the worst that could happen??:)


Lovin it !!! :)
When I first went to see my CDC I told him not to tell me what I weighed and to keep my card for me each week until I got to a certain weight and only then did I want to know. He did this for me and on the several occasions that I have jumped of the wagon for whatever reason and gone back with a gain, he again has kept it to himself at my request and then the following week just says yes you have lost the gain and thats it - it stops me beating myself up all the time and dwelling on the scales constantly. CDC's have all been there so they know how hard it is - if you don't want to call yours, how about an email or pm on here - I know they will welcome you back - after all they would not be doin the job if they did not want to see people succeed and to offer help.
I know it is hard, I have been on and off this several times, but we will all get there - I just keep saying to myself "how badly do you want it" the only problem I have is that I want it NOW lol - never did have any patience. Don't beat yourself up, hop back on, 1 day at a time. We are all rooting for ya gal ! x


Busy busy busy!!
I'm a CDC too - and as one who has done the diet, got the smaller size t-shirt - I now find I can't fit into it! So I'm back on CD SS myself ... have hadf more re-starts than an old banger - but know it works for me and others.

I'd gladly welcome back any of my clients (who for whatever reasons) however many times they want to restart. And yes i'd try and help even more to motivate etc.

Please, please, please DO NOT buy from ebay - you don't know who you are buying from, or what you are buying. You would not buy any other food stuff from ebay for fear of it being contaminated ...

Being a CDC is a job - but most of us are here because we were once big (and some of us are again!!) - so we understand your struggles and will do everything we can to help.

Please either email/PM your CDC if she/he's on here - or otherwise see if there is another one local to you if you prefer.

Lots of luck and hugs.


Serial Foodie!
hey! u arent weak. u r just lacking focus right now and im sure ur CDC can help with that. if they r a miniminer they would want u back in a flash. every one of them i have come across on here are lovely! any CDC worth their title would be chuffed u want to get back to it and would do their best to help u along.

lets face it, ur CDC probably has loads of clients that are on and off the wagon regularly. u cant be the only one on their books that finds it tuff. there is no shame in finding it hard to adjust to CD. good god, i am on my 4th restart. I have been gaining and losing the same 1 stone since december!!! its taken me all this time to get focused again and i definately couldnt get that focus without a good CDC. I would never ever get the focus by buying the packs online and doing the diet by myself. I would be shocked if my CDC didnt want me as a client if I was struggling. I think they had a damn cheek to be judging me too! afterall, its their job to care and help

I reckon it would be worth talking to ur CDC about doing CD790 plan so that u can eat a little something while having the packs. would probably be less of a shock to ur system than SSing.

Please think about PMing them or calling another local CDC. you are not alone in struggling. thats why every single one of us is on this forum. we need the help and support. no man is an island and all that!

i hope u do contact someone. im sure they will be fab. and stop calling urself weak!! u r female and therefore capable of amazing strength. u just need someone to help u tap into it is all.



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So Tatty did we all get you feeling better and ready to go for it again?? I hope your feeling better about yourself whatever youve decided to do and good luck. Sarahxx.