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Hi, I'm near my goal weight and on 790. I was on low carb Atkins/South Beach appraoch before CD. It was the only diet I ever did that stopped my weight going up all the time. I love carb and once I start cannot control the amount I eat. I always planned to go back to it after CD but am not sure how. I like the gradual CD steps approach but know that the carb in there will derail me.

Can anyone help with when and how to make the transition?
Hi Soraya! Just to say that I am totally with you on this (except for the being near to goal part). I was very successful about four years ago with the Charles Clark New High Protein Plan (40 - 60gs carbs a day, preferably lower level) and having regained weight, I went to see him at beginning of this year for a couple of visits, but it was too expensive (as he is a private consultant) although he is really good and a very very nice guy. He explained that there was no reason that I wouldn't be able to lose the weight again - despite the popular low-carb theory of 'one golden shot' - and was very keen on his patients keeping a food diary, which I really really hate doing.

Anyway, when I stop doing CD790, probably in January, I want to go back to this low-carb thing.

Got weighed yesterday after eating a normal dinner with family on Sunday evening - I thought what the hell and really enjoyed it - and gained llb. Then had a complete fruit binge last night followed by one biscuit and about six choc Minstrels, first time have done this since started CD. Pretty fed-up today but am resuming plan in a completely 'clean' way. I remembered that Dr Clark isn't hugely keen on fruit whilst low-carbing as he says that the body doesn't really recognise the difference between carbs from bad food and carbs from healthier food so you have to be really careful.

I will get on top of this! I will be studying my books again and perhaps will come up with some answers about going from CD790 to low carb.

Thanks for this. I'm planning to make the move wither this week or next. I'll still be having the tetras for breakfast during the week as they're very handy as I go to the gym before work so no time for anything else.

Also, my CDC is great and I'll be seeing her once a month for a chat and weigh in.

I think I may go onto Atkins induction for two weeks and then move up to a comfortable point.

I know what you mean about fruit! My main aim is to try and keep my blood sugar stable through the day. I love fruit, but have learned to limit the amount I eat (still geting my 5 fruit and veg) and not go mad.

Have to make a decision on Monday - but that means moving to Induction on Christmas day! I think even Atkins induction will seem like loads too much food compared with the last 6 months.
Let us know how you get on! Would you have to count the calories on Atkins induction as isn't this the way you are supposed to phrase in the 'refeeding'? Sounds like a real bind...
Atkins suggests that you don't count calories. To be honest I'm finding the whole thing frightening. I want to do the gradual coming up that CD recommend, but know that the carb is going to be a problem.

On the other hand, I know that Atkins induction is for weight loss, but is designed for people who were eating high calories before not VLCD.

May try at the weekend to work out a low carb version of the 1000 and 1200 cals.
Hi, I sat down over the weekend and worked out the carb count of the CD plans for 1000, 1200 and 1500 cals. I then did a low carb version for each. It wasn't easy and I have to say that I'm on 1000 cals today and I'm having:

2 CD packs, 1 grilled sausage and scrambled eggs made with no butter, but 50ml cream. For dinner I'm having 10oz fish and 3tbs veg.

Don't know when I'll fit in the second CD pack.

So essentially, I'll stick to the CD plan for 790, but add in a 350 cals 7g carb lunch. OTherwise it's too much faffing about!

Wrth doing for me though, as the main CD plans can take you up to 130 odd g carb which is way too much for me.

HTH Soraya
How is the low carb regime going? I am interested in it since I am on a low carb maintenance plan at the minute which insists you have one pure protein day each week. I'll be trying to lose those last few pounds in January. I just can't be bothered with counting calories or carbs so I'm doing a plan that frees you from that, but I would like to know how others are getting on with low carb.
Hi, It's going well so far. This week is a bit weird with Christmas and New Year I'm having days when I don't think about it too much and then follow those days with pretty low cal low carb days which seems to work. I'm currently on 1200 cals and keeping below 60g carb a day. Went out of ketosis over Christmas and then back into ketosis after eating lc yesterday and the day before.

Never really counted cals and carb before but am keeping a maintenance diary (have posted some of it here) as I've noticed that people who do seem to have better success at keeping the weight off. If I can go back to work on 4 Jan the same weight I was before Christmas I'll be really pleased.

Not sure if you were doing CD, but have converted their steps into if that's any use to you.
You're doing really well Soraya, I took a look at your maintenance diary, wow you have worked hard on that. It is a lot to keep in mind though, checking calories, carbs and fats. It is so much harder when work militates against you.

I did CD SS for 4 weeks, then steps 790 and 1000 for two weeks then went down with a stomach bug so it all went wrong at the beginning of December. I lost 1st 10lb, have put three back on due to a holiday and Christmas. So now I want to lose 5lbs (the 3 plus 2 from not quite getting to goal). I'm not doing steps now, not in ketosis, and I'm eating "normally" if there is such a thing at this time of year. But I won't have time to worry about food too much for the next couple of weeks, we are starting pantomime the week after next, life will be hectic. For the moment I am doing one "protein only" day per week (maintenance plan on Dukan). I will be trying to eat low carb on another three days a week, not aiming for ketosis, just keeping intake down, in the hope that I will lose the weight slowly.