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CD update

ooh, interesting - nothing on the website as yet. is it a food replacement diet? or another way of doing 810 etc?
Red 1 is 4 sachets plus 1 pint of skimmed milk and can be used at BMI 40-49.9 and female

Red2 is 4 sachets plus 2 pints of skimmed milk and can be used female BMI 50-59.9 or male BMI 40-49.9

Green 2 is 4 plus 2 pints of semi skimmed for female BMI over 60 or male BMI 50-59.9

Green 2 plus for males BMI 60 or above 4 sachets 2 pints of semi skimmed milk and one commercially available ready meal around 400 cal


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Good stuff, will ask about that on friday! Just have to remember to take more money. Its good that they've listen to people though as I no a lot of people where put off because you had to eat with it if you're bigger.
oh that makes a lot of sense. my CDC shouldn't have let me start on SS (think i was BMI 47ish), but she did - but made me start on 4 sachets - which, apart from the pint of milk, is what Cambridge are now recommending. I dropped the fourth pack around week three, i think.

I would guess that a lot of people who wanted that abstenance from food were put off by the insistance of starting on a 'with food' plan - and were therefore turning to exante or one of the other internet vlcds.

good stuff - although now i'm officially under BMI 40, i'm 'legal' anyway.


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I'm supposed to be on 810 but although my cdc said just to have some protein I no if I ate, then I wouldn't last. So I just drink enough milk to get me upto 810cals. But i'd much prefer to do something that was legal and i'd like the extra shake.

cool - you training to be a CDC, mama?
Congratulations! Good luck with it - now you need to find clients! Are there many CDCs in your area?
excellent! round here there are dozens, it must be so hard for new counsellors.
its fab news ive been doing red 1 for 4 weeks now as my cdc was on the committee for the new trials so i was lucky, only a few more weeks to go then i can get back to ssing :D:D

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