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CD v's lipotrim

hi all.

What's the difference between lipotrim and the cambridge diet. I want to get started straight away and that's the only thing putting me off the cambridge diet as i have to wait for an appointment.... only until Wednesday mind! The fact that with Lipotrim you go to a pharmacy makes it seem a bit safer than going with a counsellor, I dunno - views please!!!

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Lipotrim has less flavours.only choc,vanilla,strawberry and chicken soup.

cd has waaaay more choice. plus its one on one with a counsellor

with lipotrim its done through your chemist. I know when i did it i had to hang around the chemist waiting. i preferred cd to lt. lt shakes were horrible!!!
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Cambridge diet has a lot more flavour available than lipotrim for a start so you don't have to always has the same yhree flavours throughout the diet. I think a VLCD is hard enough (person opinion) without having to put up with having the same flavours day in day out for however many months you are on the diet.
CD also has councillors who are there to support you throughout your journey to gorgousness so if you ever feel like you are going to slip up you can turn to them for advice on how best to deal with the problem.
Three days is nothing in the grand scale of things if you think about it hun, wait until you see a CDC before deciding which route you would like to take, trust me it'll be worth it!;)
Thanks girls..... I know what you mean about the flavours but in some ways when you're weaning yourself off nice food and the addiction to taste then it might be better to have something that isn't really tasty. But then on the other hand I guess it's no good if you can't even stomach the flavours!!
Hmmmm, will definitely meet with the counsellor lady and see what she says. Can you normally start the day after you see her then, ie she brings the stuff with her so you can start straight away? Sorry for all the questions but I want to get it right this time!
hi kerry,
a lot depends on ur personal circumstances.
if ur bmi is over 40 u will need ur doctor to sign a form.
the same applies if u have certain medical conditions.
but if ur healthy and bmi below 40 u should be walking away with ur first weeks supply.
i did lipotrim for the first 13 weeks, then moved onto cd and im sooo glad i did.
in the pharmacy it was all kinda public and very unpersonal. i felt like nothing more than a ' customer '. i could handle the chocolate and strawberry shakes but didnt like the vanilla and the chicken... well, i cant even describe how nasty that is. lol.
on cd, i feel more like an individual when i go to see my councillor and the flavours are definately much easier to live with.
i hope this helps and i wish u the very best whichever u decide to do. :)
Ta Cheryl! My BMI is 29 so hopefully I will be walking away with my packs so to speak. Although the counsellor has offered to come here rather than going to her which is very convenient! I feel so excited and positive that for once I might actually be able to do it! I do think that it's a bit expensive but it will easily be worth it. Thanks again all xx
you should be able to start the same day then just dont eat anything until you get your cd stuff. i know it can seem a bit expensive but when you look at it, and how much you would normally spend grocery shopping it kinda works out the same!!

best of luck and let us know how your 1st meeting with your cdc goes :hug99:
i was horrified when i was told how much it was going to cost me and seriously wondered if i would be able to manage, but it only took a few weeks for me to realise that i wasnt any worse off.
after sitting and calculating the differences, i had a takeaway a few times a week at around £8 each time, plus diet drinks and grocery supplies for meals and snacks and with all that i am only around £4 a week worse off on cambridge. now that sounds better huh. lol
Thanks girls. I have my appointment with my CDC (check me out with the lingo!) on Wednesday this week at 6pm. It's exciting but I want it now!!! She's bringing the shakes with her and a shaker thing so looks like Thursday is the start. Just in time for total misery at the weekend! Ah well, hopefully by this time next week these jeans will be on their last time of having expanding seams!
thanks again x x

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