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CD -vs- SF. Which is better and why ?

Now, I am hoping for non-biased answers here although I do realise that I am on the CD diet forum so people on here will probably vote for CD. BUT

* Which IN YOUR OPINION, is best, slim-fast -vs- Cambridge Diet, and why ?

(I have also posted this on the slim-fast forum in the hopes of getting more varied answers)
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they are 2 totally different diets . Slim fast is 2 shakes and a meal , CD is total food replacement , a whole different ball game !!!
I am guessing that CD gives much faster results , but for some people will be harder to stick to than slim fast and is more hardcore for people with a lot of weight to loose ( in my opinion )


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I have done both over the years and can honestly say that CD is by far the best but is a lot harder emotionally rather than physically

I say it is the best because you know you are getting all the vits and mins you need in the shakes / bars etc, the weight losses are fantastic and you don't have to think about preparing meals (well on SS you don't). I have found that doing CD I have been able to start fighting my food demons which I couldn't do on SF.

With CD you have someone to weigh you each week which really helps me keep on track. Going into ketosis on CD does help ease hunger pangs, whereas on SF I was always feeling hungry.

CD is more expensive than SF, but to me the expense is so worth it as I don't have to think about food and my idea of a healthy meal wasn't necessarily healthy enough on SF.

I think if you can be strong willed enough to do a diet like CD and cut out most, if not all, food then it is a fantastic way to go. However if you can't cope with almost toal abstenance then SF is maybe where you should be looking.

I also found that SF was very high in sugar in their products which I didn't like either.

Have waffled, but thats my feeling on the 2 diets. Can I just say thet in the couple of onths I did SF I think I managed to lose about a stone whereas on CD I have been doing it 10 weeks and lost 30lb.

Charlie xx


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Personally I don't like the slimfast shakes as much - they are sweeter and have more carbs in them. I guess with CD you can get into ketosis which for me gets rid of hunger pangs. I also prefer total meal replacement as with SF I know I'd cheat at lunchtime and eat a meal, convincing myself I'd have another shake later, then eat again and then give up! CD takes the temptation to overeat away from me.


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SF shakes are YUK! CD shakes are yummy! Simples,lol


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the odd time i have tried slimfast i have never got past the first day or 2 as I find i got sugary 'highs' and 'lows' them which gave me the shakes etc whereas i never feel like that with cd


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Slim fast is like nesquick to me :rotflmao:

Yet to meet anyone thats actually lost weight on it and kept it off

CD...now ive met and read of loads that have maintained on that!!!


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On a personal note - I have never recieved so much support in a diet than with the CD - the people on here are SO nice, my cdc is ok but I really get my motivaton from this forum

edit- just noticed that you posted both posts at the same time nd you've had 6 responses on here and none on SF, now the biased person in me says we're just a lot nicer, lol (Only joking any SF people who see this!!)


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Slim fast is very high in sugar and you wont be in ketosis meaning that you will be hungrier. Roughly 30grams of sugar per shake, thats two big tablespoon full.

Also not sure about the protein in a SF shake and that means that you would have to plan your meal very careful to make sure you were getting everything you need from it.. Roughly 13.8g of protein per shake, meaning you would have a max of 27.6g of protein from Slimfast, so watch that later meal at night.

And the SF flavours are more limited than CD, and you still have to buy skimmed milk for you SF and I'm not sure how much the basic product is. CD works out at £1.85 - £2.00 roughly per product althought priced will vary.

But at the end of the day its what works for you!

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