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CDC - Bizarre Ketosis Question Please


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Both me and hubby are doing SS. I've been back on a week today and my Ketostix is showing pink great! ;)

My hubby, who has been on SS for 4 weeks has already lost 1 1/2 stone in 3 weeks yet no matter what time of the day or night he pee's on a stick - it NEVER changes colour.

First thing in a morning, mid morning, afternoon, evening, middle of the night...

Not un-duly concerned as he is loosing the weight AND the inches - but he is obviously loosing the fat so why doesnt it show on the Ketostix?
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I believe there are 2 types of Ketones producd by the body and the Ketostix only pick up one sort. So your Hubby is probably losign the other type - I don't know how or why that is, but if he's SSing, not feeling hungry etc. and losing the fat and inches, he has almost certainly got to be in Ketosis!
Ketosis means that your body has no carb reserves so it can't break down fat completely. Ketones are bits of fat your body couldn't break down. When you have carb reserves you still burn fat but you break it down and don't produce ketones. Even SoleSourcing, you are getting a minimal amount of carbs from the CD products, so if your body is efficient in using them to break down fat, you might not be in ketosis.

Atkins thought that ketones were full of calories and ketosis was the main reason why his diet worked better than high carb diets. Australian researchers did a study on Atkins dieters which showed that the calorie loss of being in ketosis is minimal; about thirty calories per twenty-four hours. So I don't think it's that important.


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I never seemed to get into ketosis when on cd, but it still worked so I gave up testing ( after using a whole pot of the blooming things) tried all times of the day. lol.
My cdc checked it out at head office and they said that it was all fine.
You are both doing really well and supporting each other is fab xx

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