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cdc changed my cd plan

I would say that was a fab loss after only 4 days , good luck hunni.xx
as i see it any weight loss is good loss... you done good chick and dont let anyone tell you otherwise! x


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what wrong with that loss exactly? that is nearly a pound a day! 3500 kals of fat, per day! an average person uses about 2000 k a day to live and work/exercise etc.

work out how far you would have to run to lose that amount, thats a hell of a lot.

I dont understand all the posts lately (across the forums) of people being dissatisfied with their losses. I was so unhappy being overweight that i am happy with any loss!

if you set your expactations too high, and you let yourself feel low after what is essentiually a good loss, its going to wear you down, weaken your resolve and make it harder to stick to your plan of acheiving your target.

as for your plan changing, i was having trouble with 810, so moved up to 1000 as i missed fruit. sometimes it works out easier for you to move up.

good luck, but please, actually give your self a pat on the back for hard work well done and well rewarded with a loss!

rant rant rant ;)


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the losses on ss+ are the same as on ss... it's just that some people prefer total abstination to avoid food all together and some find that having the odd nibble helps them on their way. that's the only difference... so if you've been having difficulties and needing to nibble then your cdc is right to put you on ss+ because otherwise, if you feel like you've broken your diet, you may go mental and eat whatever is closeby...

you've lost a lb a day. A LB A DAY!! if you continued to lose that (which you won't by the way) you'd lose over two stones in one month!! just think on that.

you're doing brilliantly. keep it up and you will see big differences in your weight loss. and do you get measured as well because that's the real tell!!

abz xx

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