CDC HELP !Advice cd 1500!


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Hi guys ,
I have lost me CD books just wanted to know basics of cd 1500 i am poodling along with ww and have actually been replacing 1 or 2 meals with slimfast so i thought now may be a good time to think about trying cd but easing in very gently maybe not even reaching ss till after christmas unless i feel the time is right before hand so any advice guys ;) thanks your all great xxxx luv Kandy xxxx :D
Hi Kandy if u pm LInda Cdc i am possitive she has all the books scanned on pc and i am sure she can email u the booklet.
Take care xx
Thanks Roch,

I have just been given my cambridge book back from my hubby, he had thrown it in the recycling bin :mad: !

He is convinced if i lose weight i will run off with the first man who asks me ! :eek:
Thanks for the vote of confidence there i told him i am very fussy and will not give in till i am asked by the 3rd or 4th man lol ;) :D

Hope your ok Roch sending you ((((hugs))))
Love Julie xxxx