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CDC`s question


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just wondering, those of you who go to the customers home/work, how do you
a, weigh & measure height
b, let them pick packs, as i dont think its possible to carry all stock in car boot
c, do you charge a bit more for petrol

Sorry for questions, but thinking this might be my best option if i do make it to cdc myself.
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Hi I used to email my order or ring her day or 2 before my appointment.Never charged me extra but if it was at my request that she came to me I would find it reasonable for a charge to be added .I think if the home visit was for your convenience then would feel bit miffed to be charged to make life easier for someone else .Just my thoughts on the subject from a customer veiw point .Sure plenty will diagree with me.Good luck with becoming a cdc hun hope it all goes well xxx
My first CDC did home visits, back then there wasnt as many and she was miles away, no extra charge, but then petrol wasnt as expensive back then, and I emailed her my order x
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I have been to clients houses - never charged extra. Took scales, tape measure etc with me. They emailed or rang me with order before hand.


please try again
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my cdc does home visits due to living at home with her parents
shes doesnt charge extra for visiting as others have said its her choice, she intends to work from home once she has her own home
she brings scales with her every week and as for height, i knew my hight anyway
she carrys stock in a suitcase and i can choose from whats in there. only bought 9 packs today as that was all i liked but ive plenty to do me at the mo (4 weeks worth) (shes also having supply probs)


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i dont want to charge for petrol, but in wales alot of people are so far out in sticks, maybe i could see those furthest away fortnightly?
did she weigh you with her scales, i`ve heard moving them around so much makes them inaccurate, also she she do your height with usual tape measure. you make think these are stupid questions, but if i`m going to do this, want it to be the easiest and best way i can make it for my customers.
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Check your scales regularly with a tray of tetras, each one weighs 1 stone. Tapemeasure can do height. Think you should offer weekly visits as clients find fortnightly ones expensive and demotivating. Could you arrange for more than one client to meet at anothers house??


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I live well in the sticks and started running groups about 18mths ago. Its kind of like going to someone's house but in a community centre!!

I request that folk email/phone ahead with their orders but also take a 'pick/mix' box for any swaps - if its there, they can swap it lol!

For me its the best thing I ever did ~(I still see customers at my home but only those that actually live on the moor nowadays) Takes a bit of organising, but maybe thats just me making things difficult as usual :rolleyes:

Digital scales shouldn't be a problem and I've never measured heights even at home (my office ceiling is too low for the tape measure I got!) ~I find most people tend to know their height anyway (and we're getting good at guessing from measuring against each other :D)

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