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Ceekays " This time for good!" Diary


Staying on plan!
Having now been on Slimming World Extra Easy Plan for 2 weeks, have decided to stop just reading the posts on here and actually join in!
I needed to know i was actually gonna "do it" this time before committing to the forum.

As you can see in my sig, I lost 8 and half stone with Cambridge Diet in 2008, but from then on spent most of 2009 piddling about gaining and losing, gaining and losing, trying this diet, that diet etc, and ended up needing to lose 3 stone!

While i loved the Cambridge Diet, and found it very easy to be honest, it really didnt teach me much about "eating" for the rest of my life.....
I joined SW and done extra easy for 2 weeks, lost half a lb then stayed the same. To be honest I think there was just too many carbs for me having just come off cambridge..

Having to buy larger clothes for this winter really peeeeeed me off, and there is no way i am buying new stuff for this summer when i spent soooo much on new summer clothes last year!

So the mission is on to fit into all my lovely size 12 clothes ready for some sunshine! (please let us have a summer this year!!!!)

Joined SW with my boss (who's daughter is getting married in August) on January 21st and have had 2 good weeks on EE.
3lb and 3.5lb. So only half a pound to get my first certificate!

So wish me luck girls (and boys) and do drop by to say hello, and remind me to do this diary!!!!!!!

ps. am often around, but a bit of a late bird really so if anyone wants to chat late on, give me a holler!
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Keep on Truckin'
First of all, just let me say how bloody well you've done losing all that weight! I did Cambridge Diet about 25 years ago and did really well with it, can't remember how much I lost but it was around 3 stone, I actually over did it and looking back at photos then I looked gaunt! the only time in my life that that could have been said! I thought the people I worked with who were worrying about me were being interfering and daft, now I think about it, they were being good friends!

Looks like you've got off to a great start with SW - good luck with it! I find keeping a diary helps me, although it's not often I talk about the food, that's more of an afterthought :rotflmao: It's the discipline of logging into this site daily and reading about other people successes and blips and how they cope that keep me motivated.

Anyway, just thought I'd pop in and say hello :D


Staying on plan!
thanks ozziemoz.

i am hoping this diary tool will be as useful as my written fod diaires... i really couldnt do it without them!
think i suffer from selective amnesia lol


Staying on plan!
dont much like saturdays.... normally start work at 3pm, but on sats its 10am... not keen on the getting up early lol
makes it a much longer day foodwise too...
ah well... onwards and upwards!


Staying on plan!
good weekend foodwise inc chinese saturday night...
late start to today, so syns are only 7 for today and am totally full!
bought wii just dance... just gotta actually do it now lol


Staying on plan!
had an early dinner tonight, as off to do a set of nails in a min....
was a yummy cottage pie! still have half left, so if i am peckish later i might be tempted into some more! lol
only 3 and half syns so far today... cant decide what to have later on... will do some thinking while i am filing lol


Staying on plan!
still chugging along.... feeling fine about the diet, and keeping on the plan.
still havent found the time to do my wii just dance yet.. really must get that sorted!
feeling very peckish atm, just deciding what to have for breakfast???

work this afternoon.... do a couple of days a week in a sweet shop!!!!!


Staying on plan!
well another day in the sweet shop lol
and then off to weigh in.........
fingers crossed.....should be ok as stuck to plan

hoping for my half stone award tonight, so on that basis thought i'd set myself a goal to get my stone award by 3rd march.....

off to change my siggy now....


Staying on plan!
3rd weigh in tonight, and half lb loss....
looking at my cambridge stats, had a low loss on wk3 then too....
really must get my wii out lol


Staying on plan!
not such a good day today.....
work from 12 to 6 at the sweet shop, and got "munchy" about 4ish...

had a small milky way, a lindt bunny and mini egg.... no where near as bad as it could have been, but not good!


Staying on plan!
went right off the rails for a few days...
went to weigh in last night and gained 3lbs........
drawn a line under it, and starting afresh today!


Staying on plan!
full of cold, so not going to weigh in tonight, but have stuck to plan all week..... so shouod be goodbye to last weeks gain!

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