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Celery and SS+ + missing shakes?

Well this is only my first week but my CDC said I could do a mixture of SS and SS+ if I wanted - had a few prawns on Wednesday and yesterday had a bit of chicken - but also ate quite a few sticks of celery! Before realising 1) I had no idea if celery was even allowed and 2) that I'd eaten more than 2 tbsps of it!

Feel soo guilty, and really worried that because its my first week I've messed up everything :(

Also, I'm finding it really difficult when I have a bit of protein to fit in my last shake - I have been having them quite late (when everyone's gone home because I don't want to tell them) is this ok?

Would it be better to miss a shake if I'm having the bit of protein as well?
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Basically it's cooked veg you have 2 tbspns of. She basically said I could have as much mushrooms, cucumber and lettuce and celery as she did that and it was more than fine! It's just water. It says 200 cal meal so work out the cals. You'll see a difference - I promise :)


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I'm not sure if it's true, but celery's supposed to be one of those foods that you burn more more calories simply chewing it than are in the stick of celery... :)

To answer your other question, yes, make sure you have the third shake. There's more than just protein in a shake - there's carbohydrate, fibre, fat, vitamins and minerals... You need all 3 shakes to keep your body ticking over, otherwise you'll only have had two thirds of what you need for the day. :)
Ahh that makes me feel so much better thanks :) won't be missing any shakes then :) Just looked in the cupboard and only 5 more products until my first 7 days are complete! And before weigh in eek
Hi, this is interesting, I'm a returner and my last CDC said I could have up to two ladles of veg. My new CDC says just two tbs. I can't see what harm it can do?

With celery, your body does burn more calories digesting celery than it actually contains. Great for any diet! Although I must say, while I do think you'll definitely get away with more than two tbs, I would be careful as celery isn't actually carb free. There is 0.7g sugar in each stick of celery, not sure how much you will have to eat to knock you out of ketosis, but I would suggest being moderate.

The last time I did ss, I had two ladles of veg and it was absolutely fine.

Best of luck. We CAN do this!

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