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Change of heart...

Well, here i am again after a 2 month break from cd.

I've been a bit optimistic aout re-starting. I kept thinking how hard it was going to be second time round. But today i'm thinking rather differently. With 5 stone to loose and 8 months to my wedding day, i'm putting all the negative thoughts behind me and looking on the brighter side.

I know if i stick to the diet that i will loose a considerable amount of weight each week. So why am i thinking constantly how much more difficult it is going to be 2nd time round.

The truth is, it is a hard diet to follow, and socially it can be a strain. Family meals, drinks with friends etc...i'll miss it and be a bit sad at missing out on alcohol and nice food, but no where near as miserable as i feel looking at all my wobbly bits each day thinking "i'm going to be a fat bride" NO NO NO NO NO!!!! I will no longer think that way! I'm going to look in the mirror and say "i'm getting thinner - i'm going to be a lush bride" !

I'm not sure about anyone else but i found other benefits while i was on the diet. Clearer skin, smoother hair, raised self esteem.

Also, i live 2 hours from my Mum, and 2 hours from my fiances parents. So we only see them once a month maybe. I loved inviting them round just to hear the comments of my weight loss!! So in a way cd helped me socially!

I'm looking forward to when i have lost my 5 stone taking pictures and being able to look at myself and boast "that's me!!" instead of the usual cringe when noticing that my double chin is now a triple chin - lol - We all do it!!!

I'm starting back on wednesday, i still have a weeks worth of shakes left from my previous cdc, then on the 9th i meet my new cdc and begin my WI and my journey to another 5 stone loss.

How amazing i will feel 5 stone lighter. Bring on the shakes and water! :D:D:D
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Hi Want2bThin,

Good luck with your fresh new start on Wednesday and be sure to take some before photos now and measurements.

Sounds like your all set to go...

Love Mini xxx
With a positive attitude you can do loads. I restarted on boxing day and am now on day 6, I'm doing 790 plan as that suits better. You have a wedding to get ready for and if your weight will prevent you from enjoying your day as you should then you need to shift it. I'm sure you'll do well. Icemoose replied to someone saying there is no reason 2nd time round should be harder as physical stuff is the same, your in better place as you are aware of diet and results. Keep posting for support and I'm sure you'll soon see the weight dropping.

Lil K

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Good luck with your restart Want2bThin - you certainly sound in a positive frame of mind to get you going.

By coincidence - today I've been tidying out our spare room to see if anything needs to go up the loft along with the xmas decorations.....bear with me :) ...... My wedding dress has been hanging on the back of the door for the last 3.5 yrs since we got married. Its a size 18 - I dieted and exercised for 12 months to lose 1.5 stone to fit into it (why did I not know about CD then?). Today I tried it on and it hangs off me as I am now nearly 2 stone lighter than the day I got married. I could not believe how different I look from my wedding day (younger, slim arms, collar bones, just the one chin). I have to be honest - I really enjoyed the day, but never actually felt 'nice' because I felt I was too fat. It took us so long to choose our wedding album photos (and even now I cannot face looking at them, or our wedding video:eek:)

I know the diet can be hard, and agree that socially it can be a strain, but keep it in your mind about feeling a million dollars on your wedding day - those pics/video/memories will last a life time - all the CD'ing will be worth it



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Sounds like you are the right frame of mind to succeed on this diet. Good luck :)

Lil K

Fantastic news, trying on your wedding dress. You must feel fabulous :)
Good luck, you can do it, just keep thinking of those wedding pics!

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